Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chalkboard Fabric.....

Is something that I knew nothing about until I visited a quilt show a few weeks ago.    After making some inquiries about how to sew with the fabric I did some "googling" and found out where I could purchase some to make a "chalkboard" placemat for bub.

This was today's project and I decided that it needed to be completely washable with a damp cloth so after a rummage around in the "left overs" pile I was able to find some of the washable vinyl,  that I used to make a changemat sometime ago, which I used  for the borders and backing on the placemat.
I will wipe off my art work before passing it on tomorrow.

I also managed to finish off the red and white rabbit dress.    This is the front

And this is the back

I also put the binding on my mystery train ride runner.     I decided that black was the best option for the binding as it  "framed" the runner whereas the grey looked like it needed something else to finish it off.

I am currently planning a playmat using some fabric that I bought sometime ago and thought "I could use that" and up until now it has sat patiently in my stash.     So now is the time to bring it out and put my plan into action.    More on that later and in the meantime
    Happy sewing all

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Shirlwin said...

Well done with the blackboard ... that is something I have never even seen; heard of it, but never seen it. The wee dress is so pretty, and your table runner is gorgeous ... the black certainly gives it a focal.