Monday, December 4, 2017

Twirly dresses

I have just finished measuring and inserting the elastic  for the neck and sleeves in the dresses for Miss M.     Her mummy requested the dresses with sleeves and a length of  just above the knee and Miss  M's request was for very twirly.  A pocket is also a very welcome addition for all those little secret possessions.     Here they are

Needless to say the pink one is the favourite and is being worn home today.

The Christmas tree has been decorated with Miss M's help.

The Christmas carols are playing in the background and it is raining very heavily outside so time to get out the address book and write out our Christmas cards.

I know a lot of people do  not post Christmas cards but it is nice to go to the letterbox and have something other  to open rather than just the usual bills and junk mail that seem to clutter up the letterbox each day.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Mia said...

Beautiful dresses for a little princess and a beautiful Christmas tree, Karol. Kisses, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen love the twirly dresses,Miss M will look so cute in these,and how nice that she helped you with the decorations,well done my friend xx

Ondrea said...

Your grand daughter will look so cute in thise dresses. She is so lucky to have a clever grandma. I agree about Christmas cards. So much nicer than an email .

Maria said...

Such pretty Twirly Dresses for Miss M..
Nice to have her with you to help with the tree and sing carols...
Email me you snail mail addy and I'll send a card to pop in your mail box....

DIMI said...

Hello dear Karen!
Glad to meet you through Mia and Shez!
Wow!The dresses are so beautiful !The girls will love them!
Like your Christmas tree!So preety!
Hope you will visit me too!
Have a lovely day!
(Aussie Dimi Decoupage)

Bethan said...

Beautiful twirly dresses! And a great idea to include pockets - they are always needed for secret things! x