Friday, February 23, 2018

Proceed with caution!!!!!!!

Hubs and I were confronted by this sign when going for our morning swim today.

One look over the edge and sure enough the beach was littered with blue bottles - some of the biggest that we have seen.

Not everyone on the beach was upset

As you can see this water bird is having a feast.

I am pleased to say that we managed to get our swim in before the next high tide brought the blue bottles back on shore.

As a P.S. to my original post.    When typing the above it never occurred to me that so many had not heard of blue bottles.   They are the curse of every beachgoer each summer here in Australia.  I have put a link here to check out more about them if you are interested.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Marti said...

What are blue bottles? I can't really see what is in your picture. Is it broken bottles, or broken eggs?

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen so glad you got your swim in xx

Maria said...

Those bluebottles give a nasty sting...

Julierose said...

Oh we get purple jellyfish when it gets really hot in August...and their stings can be so painful.
I had never heard of bluebottles before--they look like starfish a bit...hugs, Julierose

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Yuck. More things to watch out for. I've never heard of them before either.

Helen said...

Nasty bluebottles, nice you managed a swim.

Ondrea said...

Ooooooo, that would have been a bit of a nasty surprise at the beach. Glad you got a swim .

Anthea said...

I'm well familiar with bluebottles Karen... having been rendered quite ill as a kid when a school of them floated around me & share their love... it was not pleasant.
Good thing they put up those signs!
Here's a funny for you... I never thought about where you live but I didn't think it was here in Australia! (don't mind me, I'm not the smartest person)