Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Rogue Wave

Hubs and I went to the beach for our morning swim as usual and being right on high tide I did say to hubs that we should put our stuff up a bit higher and his reply was "it will be alright where we usually put it" - now I want you to remember those words.

Into the water we go and it was just beautiful - the right temperature with a bit of "rock and roll" as the waves came through and we were having  great fun.     We both just  happened to see at the same time a "rogue wave" building  height and gathering force heading our way.    I think by now that you have gathered where this is going and what I am about to tell you next.

I called out to hubs that I will try and get out to grab our stuff  before......too late.......I was about 2 metres away just as that wave hit and right before our eyes the lovely new beach bag that I made a couple of months ago complete with the car key was swallowed up and swirled away under a sea of foam and sand.   Both of us saw the bag heading out to sea and then the next wave came in and it completely disappeared  from sight.   You can see the water coming in splashing up.   This photo was taken after the mishap. 


I ran back to the water's edge trying to see if the bag was anywhere near and a couple of people asked me what had happened.     When I told them they very kindly headed off up the beach looking for the bag and by now most of the people had left the water and had joined in the search for the missing bag and  what would now be a ruined electronic car key should it ever be found.

Then the reality of the situation hit.    There was our car  parked 100 metres away with our house keys, extra towels,  dry clothes, money and phone all safely locked up and not accessible as the key was missing.    What to do.

Someone asked me if we saw the bag go out to sea which I replied it was swirling around here and then just disappeared.    There is some building work happening alongside this area and it is all boarded up with a small gap in between the seating area and excavation site and something made me walk to the top of the seating area and look over the board and there at the bottom was the  bag  caught around a steel post.  The second wave that came through must have picked up the bag and forced it back where it got caught.    I called out that it was down there and one very kind man squeezed in  grabbed the bag and the key was still  in its secure pocket.

A great cheer went up and we thanked everyone for their help.     Off we headed back to our car with a very soggy bag, towels, barefooted as we were each missing one shoe - goodness knows there they have gone and a car key.

We held our breath as we approached the car and wonder of wonders the key could be operated electronically.   The beach bag is now in the washing machine along with the towels.    I hope they come out cleaner than they went in.

Now I am not going to say "I told you so" as there was a very sheepish voice behind me that said "I should have listened".     What can I say.    Our lucky day.

Needless to say that the bag and anything else will be placed as high as it can go in future.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

6 comments: said...

How lucky is that. Glad you got it back safe and sound and you got enjoy a swim. :)

Maria said...

Oh NO! 😱 .... how lucky were you to have found the bag and that the key 🔑 worked...
Hmmm! Lesson learnt. 😬

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

That was very lucky! Glad your bag didn't float out too far never to be seen again.

Bethan said...

Oh no!!! At least your bag came back and the key worked! So lovely that so many people helped you to look for it x

Ondrea said...

LOL the key angel must have been watching. So glad it still worked as they are very expensive to replace. Hope your bag is still useable.

Kaisievic said...

So glad that you were both safe and that the bag and the car key were found in the end - phew!