Friday, July 27, 2018

Boo Hoo

Those of you who have been reading my blog over the last 2 weeks will know that hubs has not been well and I did - note did - have plans to attend my annual 3 day quilting retreat starting today.   Well that was not meant to be as hubs is needing to attend  the hospital on a daily basis until???? for wound dressing and at this point he is unable to  drive himself so I have had to step up and put on my "taxi driver's hat" until such stage that he can drive again.  

I decided that while I cannot be at the retreat with the others I will try to fit in as much sewing as I can in between doing the domestic duties, preparing meals, taxiing etc.     Off to the sewing room and my first job was to wind a couple of bobbins

Then set up my box of little coloured and white squares waiting to be sewn along with a block of my favourite chocolate to help console me.

On the upside hubs foot and leg are progressing in the right direction which is good news. 

Back soon with a progress report on my home quilting retreat and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Bethan said...

Such a shame you didn't get to go to your retreat, but it's great you're managing a home retreat! Fingers crossed things keep progressing positively for your husband x

chrisknits said...

Who says a in home retreat can't be as productive as a remote retreat? It won't have the camaraderie of a remote one, but maybe you can face time the others?

chrisknits said...

Sorry you are missing the retreat, but maybe a in home retreat can be just as productive? It will lack the camaraderie for sure, but your hubs needs you.

Mia said...

Hi Karen, I hope your husband gets better soon. I wish you and him all the best. Kisses, my friend.

Helen said...

Oh no sorry you have missed the retreat but what a great attitude and making the best of a situation fantastic, happy stitching.

Susan said...

Oh, Lindt chocolate! Of course you couldn't show restraint! I'm surprised you got through the weekend with some left. I certainly wouldn't have! I've had chocolate from all over the world, but my choice is give me Lindt every single time.