Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just do it......

Well this is my motto but with foundation piecing I have not been so diligent.   For a couple of years now I have been having a few half hearted attempts to master this method of quilting only to give up and pack it all away but I have been invited again this year to join EPQ for their annual quilting retreat so I have decided that I am either going to get my head around foundation piecing or spit the dummy and forget all about it.    The former I hope.

As you can see in the photo below the printer has been working overtime printing off crossed canoes, spiderwebs and yes even one New York beauty.    I know I am being ambitious with the NYB - not only f/p but curves - but there are several expert foundation piecers who will be attending the weekend away so I will hopefully be able to get some good pointers.   

After I return from the retreat next weekend my aim is to return here and show you all of the above covered in fabric.    Wish me luck.

Happy sewing to all.