Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A week of mixed emotions

Firstly the good news is that hubs foot is now completely better and he has been discharged from the care of the nursing staff.  

I remember saying in a couple of posts back that I have learnt to expect the unexpected and this week certainly echoed that thought.     An elderly uncle of mine passed away which was completely unexpected.   While he was 91 and physically quite frail he was not terminally ill and his sudden passing was a complete shock to all the family and medical staff at the nursing home.  

He never accepted his move into the nursing home nearly 12 months ago and even though he was grateful for the care and attention given to him by the staff he was very unhappy.    It was upsetting to visit him each week so for this I am grateful that he was released  from his anguish but sad that he is no longer in our lives.  

Rest in Peace

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Happy sewing all

Saturday, August 25, 2018

My August OMG........

Was to finish making my checker board blocks.   In my last post 4 more blocks were needed to be made.   They have now been done and after much playing around a final layout  was decided on.  My aim was to get an even mix of colour throughout the top both with the colours and the black and white borders.    

As you can see some of the border fabrics are solids and some have more white than black in them  but I am happy with the distribution.

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Happy sewing all

Saturday, August 18, 2018


Was on again last night.    First up I made a good start on the twirly dress for Miss M.   At this stage it is cut out, the bodice front, back and shoulder seams sewn together and the two tiers are gathered but none are yet joined up as I need my model to try it on.

After having a few play days with my checker board squares it was decided to go ahead a make a few more - at this stage 4 - so back to the cutting board with this one.  Fortunately I many scraps to choose from and plenty of black and white fabrics left.

I was feeling very productive this morning and whilst hubs and I were eating our porridge a batch of savoury muffins was baking away in the oven.   Of course we did the taste test with a cup of coffee to finish off our breakfast.  

They are yummy was the verdict. 

To see what everyone did during FNSI pop over here.  

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Happy sewing all

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

At a standstill

During the week there was time to finish off putting the borders on the  remaining little checkerboard blocks.    

I had a little play around  placing the blocks this way or that way but whichever way I went there are not enough blocks to make a lap quilt but too many to make a tablerunner  so while I contemplate  what my next move will be with this project I moved onto another item.

Miss M saw this  fabric in my stash and requested a pink twirly dress for her up and coming 5th birthday in October.

It has now been washed, ironed and waiting to be cut out.    Even though there is still 7 weeks until her birthday I want to have it ready in time as I have learnt to expect the unexpected and do what can be done without leaving it to the last minute.

Thank you to all those who sent hubs best wishes for a speedy recovery from his recent illness.     All is progressing well with his foot and he is now down to attending the hospital twice weekly for re-dressing.  

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Friday, August 3, 2018

Taking Shape

I managed to make an early start this afternoon on FNwF and made a little progress with getting the black and white fabrics sewn onto the sides of some of the blocks.

Seeing that orange with the addition of brown if desired are the chosen colours for this month's Rainbow Scrap challenge I started with those blocks first.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Mini checker boards

Is what these blocks remind me of when the coloured and white squares have been sewn together.

Today will see me continue  to sew up more little checker boards, maybe even start trimming them ready for the black and white fabrics to be added to their sides to bring them up to an  8 1/2" square block.

My OMG for August is going to be what I did not achieve last month and that is to hopefully have all the blocks completed by the end of the month.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all