Sunday, May 19, 2013

It has only been 12 months since......

I was at a quilting retreat and managed to get my head around foundation piecing.    Whilst I was at the retreat I did start a bedrunner using up scraps I had left over from another quilt that I had finished several years ago.   As previously  reported back in March I had spent many nights removing the papers from  my crossed canoes and I can now proudly say that it is completed and sits at the end of our bed keeping our toes nice and warm on these rather chilly nights that we have been having lately.

The only fabric that I had to buy for this project was the offwhite and the blue border fabric which depicts water.  

The first picture is a close up of the canoes and in the second one it is pegged across several garden chairs showing the length of the bedrunner.

I am also just about at completion stage of a mystery quilt that I am working on for a challenge issued by my quilting group.    I hope to be back very soon with piccies of that.

In the meantime happy sewing.  

Sunday, May 5, 2013

On a moonlight morning

Hubby and I woke up last Saturday morning to find the moon still up and seeing as it was going to be a clear day we thought we would head off on our annual trek to Mt Wilson to see the autumn leaves and this year is the most spectacular we have seen the colours in the trees.

We parked the car and walked down shaded  lanes
   And along grassy walk ways
To be amazed at the colours in the trees - particularly the reds

After a few hours of wandering around and admiring the scenery it was time to head home.  What a shock we got when we started heading back down the mountain - there before us was Sydney - no wonder they call it "the big smoke".     The pollution hanging over the city nearly made us turn the car around and head back up the mountain to the peace and freshness of Mt Wilson.

I look forward to returning to Mt Wilson in the spring to enjoy the springtime blossoms.

I have been doing quite a bit of sewing lately and hope to come back soon with some piccies of what I have been finishing off.

In the meantime happy sewing.