Saturday, June 17, 2023

The call has gone out....

From the Manly Branch of the CWA which is celebrating its 100th birthday in August.  It is the second oldest branch  in NSW.    Personally I find this amazing as Manly could not be any further  away from being "countryfied" but having said that it is a very active branch and well supported in the community.  

Anyway back to the call out.   In order to celebrate this momentous occasion they are hosting a "100 party" where they will have on display 100 tea cosies, 100 aprons and 100 different cakes to sample and enjoy.   Sounds like a good party.   The sales manager at our complex is a member of the Manly Branch and has put it out there for  any residents who may like to join in the fun to make a tea cosy, apron or bake something delicious.     

I knew that there was the perfect fabric lurking in my stash just waiting for the right project to come along.

And so a tea cosy was made when joining in FNSI

There was some wool wadding left over from my last quilt which was used so hopefully the tea in the pot will be kept nice and warm for quite a while after being made.  

I have marked the day in August in my diary and plan to attend.   It will be interesting to see the exhibition and of course enjoy some morning tea......I hope that they will have their  famous scones there. 

This audio book was playing while sewing away.    It was about a mother who went to extraordinary lengths to protect her son who as it turned out did not need her lies.    There were many twists and turns and just as you thought you had guessed who dunn it there was another twist thrown in.  

Bedtime reading is the latest Kate Morton Book "Homecoming" and I have to admit that it is hard to put down and find my hands wandering to it instead of starting book club book.   I have read quite a few of this author's books and enjoyed them all.

During the week hubs and I met up with friends for coffee - and cake of course - .....we could not get much closer to the sand if we tried.   

Even though it is well past autumn some of the deciduous trees around our area are still hanging onto their leaves.  The tree below reminds me of a set of traffic lights, green, amber and red.

I have found time to pick up the  knitting needles again and two more beanies have been finished off recently.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Monday, June 12, 2023

Done and Dusted - OMG

My OMG for June was -

To sew the binding on my Moon Garden quilt  - Done

Put the sewing machine back into the sewing room - Done

Regain the dining room and table - Done and dusted.

It is a great feeling to tick those items off the list especially so early in the month.    

Linking with OMG June Finish

Now onto the next project?????????

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Just hanging around

The complex where hubs and I live is currently being repainted on the exterior and due to the shape and levels of the complex it is not possible to reach certain areas via scaffolding or ladders so "rope hangers" have been brought in to access those more difficult areas.   

If you look closely at the next photo you will see  ropes tied around the pergola and running back over the roof tiles.    We are on the other side of the building

This is what is hanging off those ropes in front of our third bedroom window.

Not a job that I would be putting my hand up to do.    

Book club met again yesterday and this months book is

This book  is set 15 years after the events of  the Handmaid's Tale and seeing that I neither read the original book or watched the series on tv I may find it hard to pick up.   Time will tell.

Before starting the last stage of  the binding a glasses case as a gift was made.

Putting the walking foot back onto the machine and getting close to finishing off attaching the binding.

Only two more sides remain to be done.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Saturday, June 3, 2023


Making a start on getting the binding sewn on.

Thanks Cheryll for having us around again for another fun night of sewing.    Now it is time to head on over here to see what others achieved last night.  

While having one of my many breaks during this sewing on of the binding a pasta and veggie impossible pie was made for our lunches for the next couple of days.  

 Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Thursday, June 1, 2023

My OMG(s) for June

Is to attach the binding to the quilt as well as putting the sewing machine back into the sewing room so that we can gain back our dining room and table.

Short and simple this month.   I am at the point of just wanting to get this quilt finished.  

Thanks Patty for moving us along each month.

Back soon and in the meantime 

Happy sewing all