Sunday, February 2, 2014

3D Flower taggy and other baby sewing

Some nights grandmas have sleepness nights so rather than waste the time I often do my best thinking during those non sleeping hours and came up with this idea for a 3D taggy  for my granddaughter who loves textures and colours.   I knew that one day there would be a use for all those scraps that are quickly multiplying in my sewing room.  Instead of using ribbons sewn into the edges of fabric the petals can be grabbed and flipped - hence the 3D effect - by small hands.  

Those scraps  have also come in handy to cover foam blocks.   I have put them away for the moment until she is a bit bigger.

Bub, her mummy and I went fabric shopping last week and the dress and little knickers - still to be fitted with elastic around the legs which I will do tomorrow when I have bubs to measure  her -  are the result of our expedition.    Fabric was also purchased to make rompers for when the weather is cooler.  

Still no grab ball finished yet as I thought that I had stronger thread to sew it altogether so that will need another trip to the fabric shop.  

Back soon and in the meantime happy sewing.