Saturday, February 21, 2015


I signed up again to take part in FNSI but I have to admit that I had to make mine Thursday NSI as I was having my little visitor again on Friday night and whilst she is a very good helper when I make the bed, water the garden,  put out fresh towels in the bathroom  and tidying up I do not think that she is quite ready  to help in the sewing room yet.

So with that in mind I had already made a start on my next themed table topper - March being St Patrick's Day - I was able to finish it off and have it ready to post today.

I had made one very similar for mum a few years ago and had some of the shamrock fabric left.   I always think that green is a very cool and refreshing colour and enjoy sewing with it.

I am still ploughing on with my bedtopper and it is up to the border stage at present.   One day I will have some photos to show that it actually exists other than lots of strips of fabric cut and waiting to be sewn together.

I am now going to head over to Sugarlane Quilts and see what everyone else got up to last night while I was settling  bub down to sleep.

Back real soon with a few ideas that I was kicking around whilst walking the floor and in the meantime happy sewing all.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I took up the challenge......

Which Clare issued a couple of weeks ago.   I played along last year and had such fun so when she put another challenge  again I had to sign up and wait for my colour and picture to arrive.  In the meantime I began to think of in between season clothing for bub and when I was out shopping I saw such a sweet piece of fabric  that I thought would look cute made up into a pinafore.    After purchasing a metre of fabric I brought it home, pre-washed it and left it sitting on my sewing table with the pattern on top.  

Next day my email arrived with my colour and picture as can be seen below

I think that my house fairy of mine must have had a word in Clare's ear as I could not believe that the colour and picture were exactly like the fabric that I had purchased as can be seen below

Thank you Clare for organising another fun challenge and I look forward to next month's one.  

I am going to pop over to Clare's blog and see what else is happening over there.   In the meantime happy sewing.