Sunday, July 14, 2013

An advanced showing

Of my mystery quilt  that was a challenge  issued by one of our quilting groups former presidents.   This was run over 6 months and at the beginning of each month we were emailed another clue - each of these clues were to be interpreted in our way.  The first clue - the "star" of the quilt, the second clue - did it need squaring up, the third clue - curves, the fourth clue - do you embellish, embroider or applique, the fifth clue - triangles or diamonds and the sixth clue and final clue  "You can go on your own way".

Our reveal date is at our August meeting and as none of the group are readers of my blog I thought it was safe to share with my other readers.    This is the way that I interpreted the clues

The star of my quilt is the middle of 81 squares and made up of two triangles appliqued together to form the star.    I have curved the quilting on the corners of the white border and when I was told to go my own way I decided to finish off the quilt with a colourful binding using up some of the fabric that made up the squares.

I hope that you enjoyed my interpretation of those clues and I look forward to seeing what the other members of the group come up with.

I have spent today packing my machine and sewing bag as it is time for my annual quilting weekend next week.   I am so looking forward to catching up with the other ladies of EPQ.  

See you all soon and happy sewing in the meantime.