Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Finish Line is......

In sight but sadly not reached.   My OMG for November was to sandwich, pin, quilt and bind the toucan quilt which has been sitting around the sewing room for sometime as a WIP due to many factors all of which were overcome last month.

I did however get it sandwiched, pinned and  quilted.  When moving the quilt through the machine at one point I was wondering why there seemed to be resistence.   Wonder no more....the backing had been sewn back on itself.    Some not so nice words were muttered under my breath.    

This now leaves the trimming up to be done,  the binding to be sorted and sewn on.   I know there are still a couple of more days left in the month but commitments stop me from getting this one finished.  

Time was spent this last week  going through my stash of novelty fabrics to be used for baby bibs.

This pile of cut out bibs now needs to be sewn up.

We have been having very wet and quite cool November weather so I decided to chop up the veggies in the crisper to make a cottage pie for dinner.     I like the idea of "cook once - eat twice" which often happens in my kitchen.    Enough pie was made for tonight's dinner and the remainder is in the freezer for another night.  

Thank you Patty for pushing us along with our monthly goals.    I hope to see the finish line next month.  

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Quilting Class is in

I have a friend of 40 + years who is a crafter of all sorts and had made a quilt many many years ago but has not made one since.     She was gifted a quilt by her sister for a special "0" birthday some years back and felt that she would like to make a "copy" of it in a different colourway and asked if I would help her.     This is what she now has

After a trip to a couple of different fabric shops this is her choice of fabrics.    She also decided that some tatting will be added to the centre of each of the white blocks.   

So the appointed day for lesson one arrived.   My kitchen was set up with two cutting stations an ironing station and of course the all important tea/coffee and cake station.    

We managed to cut all 31 large white squares and the 124 white rectangles required. 

As well as the 30 +  2 1/2" wide strips needed for each of the blue fabrics.    We even managed to sub-cut some of those into 2 1/2" squares.

I sent her home with a cutting mat, rotary cutter and spare blade, two rulers and a fair bit of homework - sub cutting the many strips of fabric that were left to cut into 2 1/2" squares.  

I was very pleased with day one progress as this was the first time that she had used a rotary cutter and rulers.   

Next step is for her to start sewing up the blocks.  I went through the all important 1/4" seams, how to iron and nest the seams with the instruction if she gets stuck I am only a phone call away and there is always you-tube to help out.   

I will keep you posted as to progress and our next session.   

Two more beanies have been added to the finished pile.

And a new book started.   

Slow but sure quilting still continues on the toucan quilt.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Saturday, November 20, 2021

This Week and FNSI

Another week has flown by and progress has been made on quilting the toucan quilt.  After looking at it for a few days and trying to decide on how to quilt it I went with the favourite of the walking foot and doing grids across and down the blocks as can be seen below.     I am pulling the ends through, tying them off and burying them at the end of each block even though it is slowing down the quilting process it does not leave such a huge job at the end.   

When joining Wendy and many others for our once a month FNSI together 3 teatowels were jazzed up for my giftie box.    Take some plain teatowels and pretty fabric - I thought the teapots/coffee pots was a  suitable choice for kitchen towels.

Do a bit of trimming of the teatowel, cutting and pinning of the feature fabric

And you have pretty teatowels in no time - well maybe an hour for the 3 of them.   

A batch of lemon and coconut muffins were made during the week.

We have a  blueberry ash bush very close to our bedroom window which has a beautiful display of flowers at present.

A belated birthday gift from my quilting group which I received when we met up last weekend.

There was an early start in my house yesterday as I was rostered on to do the set up duty at the hospital auxiliary stall.   This is the first one that we have had for several months and many volunteers have been very busy during lockdown sewing, knitting and cooking.  Some of the items that we had on sale  included gorgeous handknits, jams, marmalades, relishes and chutneys, little girls dresses, aprons,  cute Christmas decorations and tablerunners.

The stall is on again today with other volunteers working there.    I am going to make a start on making more baby bibs over the next week as our supply is almost sold out and there is another stall on December 4.   

Thank you Wendy for organising us again.

There are a few things that need to be attended to this morning and my plan is to then join in the Zoom Party that is being held by Chookyblue again today.    She is always in the chookshed early in order to catch up with our overseas zoomers due to the time difference.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Friday, November 12, 2021

Good Weather for Ducks


As hubs and I were driving out of the carpark  the rain was pelting down however this duck was not the least bit perturbed as it was crossing in front of us.   Not sure which direction it was heading as the lake is in the opposite direction.    The reason for us being out on such a wet and miserable day was to enjoy a belated birthday lunch to celebrate our birthdays which both happened during lockdown.    This is an annual event and we go to our favourite restaurant.   

Hubs can never go past a good fish and chips while I chose barramundi with veggies and a lovely light lemon sauce.

We were both very naughty when it came to choosing a dessert which we never eat at home so it was a real treat to indulge.  

Needless to say that the kitchen was closed that night.   

Time spent in the sewing room saw the toucan quilt sandwiched and pinned.

I was able to finish off the tissue covers that were started last Friday night.   They are all ready to go when and if needed.   

A new book was started.

My quilting group is able to meet together again tomorrow as a group inside the community hall that we use.    It will be lovely to catch up in person after all these months.     That about wraps up my week. 

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Friday, November 5, 2021

This Week in the sewing room and FNwF

I cannot believe that we are already into the first week of November.    This year is flying by even though we have not been anywhere or done anything. 

Life is slowly returning to normal and a trip to the supermarket is no longer the highlight of  my week.  Friends joined hubs and I for lunch at our home.    They did help us move and the last time they were here there were sheets on the ground and boxes up the walls with nothing to sit on except the floor.     It was lovely to be able to give them a guided tour with all our furniture in place and something comfortable to sit on.

A new book was started

A beanie finished

And another started

Restaurants and coffee shops are welcoming back patrons with open arms as can be seen in the sign below.

With all the new health regulations it takes ages to check into and out of shops and we are greeted at every doorway with signs like these.

Both of my quilting groups have resumed as has the knitting group that I have joined.
When joining Cheryll and the other crafters tonight I made a start on making some purse size tissue holders.    They are handy to have in my gifite box for a quick unexpected gift when needed.  


Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Monday, November 1, 2021

November OMG - No more excuses

I am not one to have UFO's hanging around my sewing room for too long but this one has slipped under the radar even though it was started earlier on in the year.

My excuse being that it was packed up because of our move and then sat patiently in the cupboard as  backing and wadding needed to be purchased.

The purchasing of said was curtailed due to COVID so now that all obstacles have been overcome getting this one sandwiched, quilted and bound will be my OMG for November.   

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all