Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not happy .....

And in this instance I cannot blame "Jan" or anyone else only ME!!

Last night was Friday night sew-in and I had aimed to finish off a tablerunner that I have been working on using the "tube" method and all was going well until I got up to the binding - what no colour thread to match the binding - how could this be???
Off I went rustling through all my colour threads - every colour of the rainbow and grades of every shade but alas not the green I wanted. So for me Friday night sew-in turned into Saturday morning finish off after I called into the local sewing centre to get the thread which I might add took two of us to find just the right shade.

Anyway without any further ado here is my autumn tablerunner using the "tube" method which I enjoyed doing.

I can see more seasonal tablerunners - winter, spring and summer - being done using this method and a couple of cushion covers as well.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby business and other things

One of the girls where I work is having a baby boy early June with the theme for the nursery being baby african animals. I saw this adorable fabric and put together a couple of items for her including baby burp cloths (thanks Gail for the idea), singlets, face washers and made one of those cute baskets from Pink Penguin.

I have also made a couple of hot pads to match the hand towels for my "giftie"