Friday, March 27, 2015

Bobbin Head...

Is where hubs and I ventured today to enjoy what could only be described as a perfect day.     Not a cloud in the sky, brilliant sunshine and a cool breeze rustling through the trees which all make for good bush walking weather.

Heading off on the mangrove boardwalk

One of the many picnic areas to be enjoyed

A walk across the bridge brings you to a marina to view some of the boats gently bobbing up and down

Time to head back and see what was on offer at the cafe for lunch.

 Along the way we were joined by one of the locals

All this walking works up a hunger and thirst.   I opted for the the pumpkin and spinach quiche

Hubs has a weakness for lasagne so his day was made

Needless to say that dinner will be a very small offering tonight.  

On our way home was both said that all this lovely area is only 35 minutes from our front door so we will make sure that we make a return visit very soon.

I did  make a stop on the way home to purchase some buttons for some  jackets that I am currently making for bub for the cooler weather.

I will be back shortly with some piccies and in the meantime happy sewing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Colour challenge

I knew that  Clare  had certainly given me a challenge this month when the email arrived with my colour  YELLOW  and  picture which can be seen below

My first thought when I saw the picture was gemstones scattered across a jeweller's work bench and each time I looked at it over the following days I kept coming back to that thought  so with that in mind I remembered when rummaging through my stash looking for novelty fabrics for the "cards" for the game of Memory that I found a piece of fabric which would fit in with this idea admirably.

I was also given a towel by a friend which was going to fit in with my idea.     Up to the sewing room for some cutting and sewing and this is what I ended up with

The Queen definitely need a gemstone crown and I used a yellow button to secure the loop.

Thanks Clare for organising another fun challenge and I look forward to the next one in May.    If you want to see what the other challenged followers got up to just pop over here  and in the meantime happy sewing all.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Saw me finish off what was the result of an idea that I had when I was settling bub down to sleep during one point of the night when she last stayed with us.    I often have a "light bulb" moment during the night and this one was to use up some of those ever increasing scraps and novelty fabrics.   So I started up a production line of rummaging through fabrics, cutting
Assembling  and pinning the three layers together
Sewing around each one and clipping the corners
Turning each one inside out, sewing the bottom seam closed, a quick iron and ending up with a game of Memory.

Now at this stage I think that bub is a bit too young to grasp the concept of the game however the "cards" can be used to identify objects, colours and maybe even play match up the pairs.    The best part is they will not rip or tear, no dog ears will appear, should one get lost a quick replacement can be made and when needed a toss in the washing machine.

So that is what I did last night and now I am off over to Sugarlane Quilts to do a bit of blog hopping and have look  at what everyone else  was busy doing.

Thanks again Wendy for organising another fun night.

See you all next month for another productive sewing night  and in the meantime happy sewing all.