Friday, September 23, 2016

Cool Cats

Is what I have called the runner that I made for the piano from the fabric that I was given when my son and daughter in law  returned from Japan recently.   I found out that it is very hard to photograph a  shiny black piano in a house as it keeps picking up  reflections from various light sources.  I had to stand at the end of the piano in order to get a picture - not a very good one as the true red was washed out but it can be seen at the top end of the runner.   I did "fussy cut" the cats so they were walking across the piano but you will need to twist your head to try and imagine what the runner actually looks like.

Time to go as hubs has just made some coffee to go with a strawberry and blueberry cake that I made earlier this morning.  Strawberries and blueberries are my favourite fruits and seeing that they are very plentiful at the moment I  made some cakes and muffins to freeze up and enjoy as morning or afternoon tea.

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Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Blogger's Quilt Festival

While doing some blog hopping as one does all too often I came across an interesting article about a Blogger's Quilt Festival whereby bloggers can enter an article they have made recently.    I decided to enter my Spring Sunbonnet Sue in the mini quilt section seeing that spring is bursting out all around us here in Australia.  

I made a series of 12 Sunbonnet Sue wall/door hangers throughout the year for my granddaughter's bedroom.    Each one represents a month of the year but I have to say that the September one is my favourite.

If you would like to see what the other categories are or to vote on your favourite quilt pop over here to see some gorgeous eye candy.  

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Yesterday being the third Friday of the month means FNSI and I have a few WIP's which need to be converted to finishes so it was a good time to make a start.    Firstly finishing off a couple of  summer nighties for Miss M

Second on the list was finishing off the hem on  a summer dress for Miss M

Then onto cutting more circles

And last on the list was making a start on quilting my piano runner

I am pleased to say that all the quilting has now been completed and I even had time to pull the threads through and tie them off while watching Midsomer Murders.   All that is left to do to make this one a finish is to trim and put on the binding then it can sit proudly on the piano.

Thanks Wendy for hosting another great night of sewing and I look forward to doing some blog hopping over the weekend to see what others got up to last night.

In the meantime

 Happy sewing all

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Through the eyes of a 3 year old

Miss M loves to be in  charge of my camera when she visits and this is what she saw through the lens during the week.    Her new sparkly shoes

Grass with a stepping stone

My ugg boots

The sky
More sparkly shoes

Fairies and their houses

The view through the handlebars of her trike

And of course more sparkly shoes.

I can see that Santa may have to bring her her own digital camera for Christmas.

Back soon with some more photos - not of sparkly shoes - and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Spring is in the air.....

The garden is just bursting with colour at the moment as the air warms up with the extra hours of sunshine.   My lavender is starting to flower

As is the fragrant jasmine which is just outside the backdoor and smells delightful

You can always rely on  daisies to produce many flowers over a long period of time

And the azaleas are just gorgeous at present even though they were given a big cutback last year after flowering

I was able to get sometime to sew my claret to pink with a touch of gold 9 patch rainbow blocks for September  and they are now waiting patiently with all my other  rainbow blocks to be sewn together in what should form a very colourful quilt.

There is  1 more colour to be announced next month and then there is a 2 month time frame to complete our quilts. 

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Back soon with some photos of circles which have been inspired by this lovely spring weather and some summer sewing for Miss M and in the meantime

  Happy sewing all

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A plan....

Was hatched in my mind in the early hours of the morning so I grabbed a piece of paper and pen and  roughly drew up what I envisage the runner for the piano will look like.

I did not want to cut the cute cat fabric into tiny bits as I want to showcase the cats walking on the keyboard so with that in mind I will cut the fabric into 4 and 1/2" squares.    I have made a start on cutting the black and white fabric into 2 and 1/2" squares.  I have worked out that it will take 8 squares of the feature fabric so more of the black and white will be cut as needed.

While the rotary cutter  was out  it was time to make a start on trimming up my circles.   This is going to be a boring task so best do them in batches now rather than waiting until there are 365.  Within a few days the task of laying them out will begin.  Some thought needs to be given to this before a final design is decided upon.


The folded Christmas fabric on the side of the photo is some "homework" that was needed to be done for quilting this week.    One of our members has kindly offered to show us how to make fabric stars. I am looking forward to seeing how this is done.

Not an overly productive day in the sewing room but decisions were made and it was a lovely day so time was spent in the garden doing some weeding and clipping back of plants.

Back soon with some photos of my Christmas fabric stars and in the meantime

   Happy sewing all

Monday, September 5, 2016

Japanese fabrics

Are what I was lucky enough to score when my son and daughter in law returned from Japan recently.   They have been sitting on the end of the ironing board in my sewing room and I have been lovingly admiring them every chance I have had.  

I am thinking that the pretty pink one will make a lovely spring/summer bag and the red piece with piano notes will make a perfect runner for the top of a piano which I have been thinking of making for sometime.    I will leave the remaining two pieces to be enjoyed for a later date after doing  some research on "Mr Google" and my many magazines to find the right project for them.  With this in mind I am going to make the above items my OMG for September.

The colours for September's Rainbow challenge were announced over the weekend so that gives me an excuse to go have a play in my stash today to find deep claret to shades of pink with a pop of gold.

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Back soon with some photos of my gorgeous fabrics in a new form and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Friday, September 2, 2016

I can sew a rainbow

My sewing room has been turned into a "production line" over the last couple of weeks as I worked between my sewing machine and overlocker.    How quick it is to sew with an overlocker and just do some finishing off on the  sewing machine.   Seeing that it was a wet day and no plans had been made I headed off to my sewing room to make an early start on my FNwF projects.    It only took a couple of hours to produce this colourful rainbow of shorts for Miss M and all that was left to do today was to insert the elastic around the waist and iron them.

Next item on the list was to finish off my circles for August

Thanks Cheryll for organising another fun Friday of sewing and giving us the opportunity to share with others.

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Next items going through the "production line" are summer nighties and dresses for Miss M.   I plan on being back soon with some photos and in the meantime

Happy sewing all