Monday, September 5, 2016

Japanese fabrics

Are what I was lucky enough to score when my son and daughter in law returned from Japan recently.   They have been sitting on the end of the ironing board in my sewing room and I have been lovingly admiring them every chance I have had.  

I am thinking that the pretty pink one will make a lovely spring/summer bag and the red piece with piano notes will make a perfect runner for the top of a piano which I have been thinking of making for sometime.    I will leave the remaining two pieces to be enjoyed for a later date after doing  some research on "Mr Google" and my many magazines to find the right project for them.  With this in mind I am going to make the above items my OMG for September.

The colours for September's Rainbow challenge were announced over the weekend so that gives me an excuse to go have a play in my stash today to find deep claret to shades of pink with a pop of gold.

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Back soon with some photos of my gorgeous fabrics in a new form and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Julierose said...

Oh these are really so adorable--love those Japanese novelties--they really do them well...hugs, Julierose

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your bag and piano runner. Perfect fabrics for each one!

Ondrea said...

0h my! Those Japanese cat fabrics are so lovely. Lucky you! Looking forward to seeing the projects completed.

KimM said...

What fabulous fabrics! Lucky, lucky you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my those fabrics are gorgeous,have fun using them xx

Heidi said...

Oh my, what a lovely gift! It will be fun to see the projects that come, and neat that you are making certain each is special.