Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A plan....

Was hatched in my mind in the early hours of the morning so I grabbed a piece of paper and pen and  roughly drew up what I envisage the runner for the piano will look like.

I did not want to cut the cute cat fabric into tiny bits as I want to showcase the cats walking on the keyboard so with that in mind I will cut the fabric into 4 and 1/2" squares.    I have made a start on cutting the black and white fabric into 2 and 1/2" squares.  I have worked out that it will take 8 squares of the feature fabric so more of the black and white will be cut as needed.

While the rotary cutter  was out  it was time to make a start on trimming up my circles.   This is going to be a boring task so best do them in batches now rather than waiting until there are 365.  Within a few days the task of laying them out will begin.  Some thought needs to be given to this before a final design is decided upon.


The folded Christmas fabric on the side of the photo is some "homework" that was needed to be done for quilting this week.    One of our members has kindly offered to show us how to make fabric stars. I am looking forward to seeing how this is done.

Not an overly productive day in the sewing room but decisions were made and it was a lovely day so time was spent in the garden doing some weeding and clipping back of plants.

Back soon with some photos of my Christmas fabric stars and in the meantime

   Happy sewing all

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