Friday, May 27, 2022

The green machine

 Those slabs of green fabric that were sewn up last week now look like this.   

While the green scraps were out I needed to make a gift for a friend who loves to cook and spends a lot of time in her kitchen.    I could not decided between green or red so one of each was made.   

Before putting the bib pattern away it was used to cut out the pink slabs of scrap fabrics from last month that had been sitting around taking up space.

Now I am all caught up with the RSC colours.    

I had an order for another mobile phone pouch come in during the week.

Time to head on over here to see more green table scraps with a "square" somewhere.   The green bib on the lefthand side of the photo  did start out with 4" squares but with the shape of the bib the squares were cut down....well that is my story anyway.  

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Foodie Blog Hop - Sunny side up please

I have quite a bit of fabric in my stash that is food orientated......what does that say about me!!!!!!!   I have been lucky enough to use up quite a bit of my foodie stash on bowl  and plate cosies that have been ordered over the last 2 months and there is one fabric that I would consider a "fun fabric" which was used to make a set of two placemats.   

Time to head on over to the blogs listed below to see some more foodie goodies.

Thank you Carla for organising a delicious fun blog hop.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all   

Saturday, May 21, 2022


The third Friday of the month means virtually sewing along with Wendy and others.   Last night I got stuck into sewing  green scraps together and they now look like this.   

During the week I had an order for a mobile phone pouch.    A lady saw my neighbours and asked if I would make her one.  

The aprons that had been overlocked and sitting on the side of the sewing table were finished off and put away for the Spring Fair.

Often when toasting one slice of bread the toaster has sometimes "thrown" the slice out on to the bench top but the other morning it cleverly threw it out and it somehow landed on top of the toaster.   At least it stayed warm while the coffee was finishing off.  

Last week I caught up with a friend who gave me a belated housewarming gift.  The perfect gift for my sewing room.   It just needs the handyman to hang it up for me.   

Next book on the pile to read.    

Thanks Wendy for having us all "around" again for another FNSI.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all     

Friday, May 13, 2022

Mobile phone pouch

My next door neighbour asked me if I could make her something she could wear around her neck that holds her mobile phone.    Apparently her family gave her something a while ago but it is leather and very hard to get the phone in and out.     "Let me have a think and I will get back to you within a couple of days" was my response.     

A quick search of internet revealed a few different ideas so an idea was taken from this site and another from that site.  None of the sites that I looked at had neck straps only a clip to attach to a belt or handbag.   So it was a matter of cutting a strap long enough and attaching it to the O ring.    

She was absolutely thrilled with it.    It is light and comfortable around her neck and she can get the phone in and out easily.

Another order for an entree plate sized cosie came in a couple of days ago.    I have been told that this size is good to reheat takeway containers in as well.    It will be delivered later on this week.  

A new book was started last night.   I have read most of Liane Moriarty's books and enjoyed them all with the exception of one.     This one is starting off well.      

After making  all these bowl and plate cosies a fair bit of fluff has collected in and around the bobbin area of the machine.  After grabbing a small brush and a pair of tweezers then removing the throat plate and lifting out the bobbin case quite a lot of lint was removed as you can see.   How embarrassing.  The whole area around the bobbin is now super shiny and dust free.    Definitely a job that needs to be done more regularly.  

Now that I have caught up with the items that have been ordered my aim is to finish off the aprons that have been cut out, put through the overlocker but have not progressed any further than that for a couple of weeks.  

Green has been the nominated colour for this month's RSC and there are plans to sort this lot of scraps out.

And hopefully they will end up as bibs along with the pink slabs of fabric from last month that are still just sitting there waiting patiently.   

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Friday, May 6, 2022


I was lucky enough to make an early start in the sewing room today and it was needed as I had to produce 3 small crossbody bags that were on order and are for delivery tomorrow. 

Late last year Miss M asked me if I could make her a nightie with long sleeves and my reply was "how about I make it next year when the nights are getting cooler".     That was the right decision on my part as she has had a tremendous growth spurt over those past few months and what would have been made last year would not fit her now.      Some stretch fabric was spotted last week while browsing around Spotlight so enough was bought to make a waltz length nightie with long sleeves.    It has been many years since I have sewn with stretch fabrics and I had forgotten just how easy, quick and forgiving sewing with them is.    The pattern used was a "Frankenstien" one - a bit from this one, a bit from that one and bit from my own hand.    Here is the result.

It was a beautiful clear morning here today - something that we have not had too many of lately although we have been able to see four of the five brightest planets aligned in the early morning sky on a couple of occasions.  This was taken just on sunrise looking east from our bedroom.

I have noticed over the past week that Blogger has not been playing nicely again and has cut out my email notifications.   This happened a couple of years ago and I was able to go in and fix it but this time the option to go in and change what I did last time is not there.    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Time to head on over here to see more FNWF sewing/crafting.    Thank you Cheryll for hosting us again.

P.S.   A big thank you to Jo who contacted me via email and gave me very clear instructions on how to fix the lack of email notifications coming through.   

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all