Saturday, February 21, 2009

Around to the weekend again. The weeks just seem to be flying by - almost the second month of the year has gone.

Now that I have finished my "mini projects" which are shown in previous posts I have picked up my oriental quilt again. Today I have made some progress and sewn the blocks for the first row together. Tomorrow I need to cut some more of the black sashings that go between the blocks before I can proceed with anymore sewing. If I can get the rest of the sashing cut tomorrow hopefully I can get another row or two sewn together next weekend.

I went shopping this morning and bought a couple of 55 litre storage bins. Added to the other storage bins I can now get some sort of order into my stash and I even have a little room left to add to few more pieces of fabric when I next go shopping.

Whilst I was sorting out my fabric I thought I might as well photograph it.

Food for thought


Tea for Two

Fun fabrics

Oriental flavours


Sewing Notions

Country cousins



I was feeling a bit lazy by the time I got to photographing my collection of fq's and so I just pulled out the drawer holding them and clicked once instead of doing the sorting bit.

Now that I have had a look at the fabrics in "categories" I can see some areas that need to be improved in such as fantasy, country, sewing and Christmas. I will work on these when I next go shopping and report in!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here is another example of fabric waving to me as I walk by. Very good friends of ours have just bought a caravan and are planning on doing quite a bit of travelling around Australia over the coming years. The fabric just screamed their name out and now these placemats have pride of place in their caravan.

We wish them many happy trips around Australia following the "maps".

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I love fabric of all sorts and can be easily entertained by just walking around fabric shops however each time I am indulging in my entertainment pieces just start to wave to me and say here I am just what you have been looking for. As was the case with these cute chickens and their knitting needles. Now this had to be bought for my DIL who until about 18 months ago had not knitted and now she cannot put her needles down. Just what we needed in the family another "addict". I have my stash of fabric, hubby his CDs and books, DS with his DVD's, comics and other collectables and now wool and needles. I suppose it could be worse!!!!!!!!

Anyway these chickens just had to be made up into a knitting roll of which I did not have a pattern for but by "googling" in knitting roll I found what I thought would be a suitable pattern with various size spaces for needles of varying lengths, circular needles and a tape measure.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I have been very neglectful of my blog lately not due to lack of interest but a lack of time.

I have come to a standstill on the oriental quilt for the time being as I have stopped off to do a couple of smaller projects. The following is a photo of a tablerunner and matching placemats I made for a friend. She likes a things bright so I hope these fit the "bill"

Very bright - but I just love this fabric and hope my friend does as well.

When I am not sewing I do knitting of a night in front of TV. I knit squares for Wrap with Love and I then pass them onto a friend who sews them together. I do not like the sewing up process so we have a good arrangement going. Looking at this basket of wool - which is about half of the wool I have - I will be knitting for quite a few nights to come!

While the rest of the country is sweltering our garden is certainly enjoying the heat especially the hibiscus.