Saturday, February 21, 2009

Around to the weekend again. The weeks just seem to be flying by - almost the second month of the year has gone.

Now that I have finished my "mini projects" which are shown in previous posts I have picked up my oriental quilt again. Today I have made some progress and sewn the blocks for the first row together. Tomorrow I need to cut some more of the black sashings that go between the blocks before I can proceed with anymore sewing. If I can get the rest of the sashing cut tomorrow hopefully I can get another row or two sewn together next weekend.

I went shopping this morning and bought a couple of 55 litre storage bins. Added to the other storage bins I can now get some sort of order into my stash and I even have a little room left to add to few more pieces of fabric when I next go shopping.

Whilst I was sorting out my fabric I thought I might as well photograph it.

Food for thought


Tea for Two

Fun fabrics

Oriental flavours


Sewing Notions

Country cousins



I was feeling a bit lazy by the time I got to photographing my collection of fq's and so I just pulled out the drawer holding them and clicked once instead of doing the sorting bit.

Now that I have had a look at the fabrics in "categories" I can see some areas that need to be improved in such as fantasy, country, sewing and Christmas. I will work on these when I next go shopping and report in!


clare said...

Wow what lovely fabrics . Will wait for stash update , lol .
clares craftroom

Margarita said...

Wow can i come and fondle a bit, love your collection

Debs said...

You have some beautiful fabrics. Can I come and fondle the fabrics with Marg please!!!