Sunday, July 26, 2009

The weather over the weekend was very conducive to sewing. Whilst it was lovely and sunny yesterday the air was cool and today was just one of those grey, cold, bleak winter days - what better than to lock myself in my sewing room and sew after hubby and I treated ourselves to breakfast at Manly then did a bit of retail therapy on the way home.

I managed to get the top sewn together on the "sea theme quilt". These fabrics remind me of seashells and sand, ripples in the water, white caped waves and clumping seaweed with the border bringing all those themes & colours together.

I also finished off my third mystery BOM and looking forward to the next one. I found this one went together much easier than the last one.

I am tossing around some ideas for another quilt. I have a few fabrics that go together well however I am off to Aussie Patches and the Craft Depot on Saturday and will take those fabrics with me just in case I see something else.

More on that as time goes by.

My son is having his 30th birthday party in a couple of weeks time and the theme is dress up as someone you wanted to be when you grew up. Well what I wanted to be was to work in an office, which is what I do, however that is very boring when it comes to fancy dress. I also found the time to whip up my "costume" today. Cannot say too much on that as my dil sometimes pops in here. All will be revealed after the party.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I cannot believe that it has been soooooooooo long since I updated my blog! What have I been doing.

I have managed to sew all the blocks together for my oriental quilt and sewn the boarder on. All I have left to do now is the backing (which is cut) and waiting to be ironed, sewn together and then the mammoth job of pinning all three layers together, the quilting and the binding. Here is a photo of my progress. I am a little disappointed in the colours as it was a very sunny day when I took photo.

I have also finished making my second mystery BOM - which caused me some grief - however I am pleased with the end result. I have cut out the third BOM but it is still waiting to be put together. Maybe this weekend.

I also have another quilt on the go at the moment using the colours of the sea - shades of blues and greens. If it turns out as I expect this maybe my first Christmas present. Time will tell or perhaps will make a nice comfy bed for the cat if it does not turn out as I expect. It is cut out and waiting to be sewn up. I hope to make a start this weekend. I need a long weekend by the sound of all I have lined up!