Saturday, March 2, 2013

St Patricks Day

Is fast approaching and I saw this cute shamrock fabric which was just begging to be made into a tabletopper.

I will give this to mum tomorrow.    I think that I have made a tabletopper for her table for all seasonal celebrations now.     I hope she likes this pattern!

Talking tables I finished off the runner and placemats below for my daughter-in-law for her birthday last month.  I made 6 placemats but the table that was used in the "shoot" is smaller than her table so I only could only 4 fit on it.  

For sometime now I have been working on learning and perfecting foundation piecing which has been a very slow and time consuming process for me but I have been slogging along with a bedrunner which is going to be needed very soon as the nights begin to chill down around this time of the year.    What I did forget about was how tedious and even more time consuming is the removal of the papers.   A good thing to do in front of tv of a night.    I have spent 3 nights so far and estimate that I should finish if off tonight so that I can make a start on the borders.   One way to fill up the recycling bin.

Next time I blog I hope to have the finished item up.

In the meantime happy sewing.