Friday, November 28, 2014

Under the Christmas tree

Clare over at Clare's craftroom is wondering what we are leaving under the Christmas tree again this week.   I have  finished off the Christmas dress for bub and while it will not be under the tree on Christmas Day for someone to open I look forward to seeing bub sitting under the Christmas tree with the dress on.   So here is the photo below of the dress

My next project to finish off is a couple of seasonal table mats which I have been working on in between other items.     Back soon with some photos and in the meantime happy sewing.     

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sydney is.....

The Opera House

The Harbour Bridge
Yachts sailing on the Harbour.  The one below is one of the many that takes part in the annual Sydney to Hobart race each year.
A walk through the Botancial Gardens.    This way or that  way.

It does not matter as there is something to see by following each sign.   Like perfectly formed trees

Tranquil herb gardens
Cool ferneries
Gorgeous jacarandas which are flowering all around Sydney at present

When walking through the Gardens you are never aware of  being in a city. The only reminder is the buildings which can be seen as you walk around and look up at the skyline.
Old sandstone stairways leading all around the city.

A short ferry ride across the harbour will bring you to Luna Park.
I hope that you enjoyed Sydney as much as hubs and I did on our recent day trip out.

Back soon with a photo of the Christmas dress for bubs and in the meantime happy sewing.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


I just love  being retired as it allows me to do all the things that I want to do and this includes joining in again with FNSI.        As I mentioned in my last post I have been working on a Christmas wall hanging and my aim was to finish it off which I achieved last night.      When I saw this panel it just jumped out at me and said "take me, take me" - how could I resist.    All that I need to do is put some ribbon on the dowel and it is ready to hang on my wall near the Christmas tree when I put it up next month.

After finishing off the wallhanging  I then made a Santa sack for bub.   Santa will have fun filling this.

And while I was working with all this Christmas fabric I cut out a Christmas dress for bub.   I hope to get it sewed up this weekend so that she can have her photo taken with Santa wearing it.  

So that is what I did last night now I am heading off to Sugarlane Quilts to see what everyone else achieved.  

Back soon with a photo of the Christmas dress and in the meantime happy sewing.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Under the Christmas Tree

Is what Clare at is asking.     I am currently working on a few Christmas items and the one in the photo below while not actually going under the Christmas Tree will be very near it.    It is a wall hanging that I hope to finish off tomorrow while taking part in FNSI.  

I found this panel at the Craft Fair and just had to have it.    I have a space which it will fit in perfectly and add  a festive feel to the wall.

I have sandwiched it like a quilt and outlining some of the picture to give it a bit of body.  Once that is done I will bind it and then get hubs to bring in his trusty hammer and a picture hook on which to hang it.  

Back within the next day or two with what I have achieved with my Christmas fabrics.    In the meantime happy sewing.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Every girl needs a.........

Handbag and bubs at 13 months is no different.    She has been delving into mummy's bag and pulling out its contents so action was called for to remedy the problem.      A rummage around the scrap drawer revealed some cute bright ladybird fabric and an hour later bubs had her own bag which was filled with her "mobile phone" and a set of keys.

Hopefully this will stop the raiding of mummy's bag.  

The sewing machine has also been busy sewing up some "in-between" season pants.

The owls pants are being given a workout in the photo below.

And a cardigan to pop on top of a summer dress on those cooler days.

It is only just over 5 weeks to Christmas and I have quite a bit of Christmas fabric to play with.   I have a couple of things in mind to sew but not enough time to make a start.      I hope to find sometime later in the week.       I plan on being back soon with a few Christmas items to show and in the meantime happy sewing.