Sunday, November 29, 2009

If you want to know how to waste 2 hours on a Saturday morning just look below.

The annual ritual of putting up the Christmas tree always seems to involve the lights that were taken down last year and put away oh so carefully somehow becoming a tangled mess. One of lifes mysteries - up there with lost socks, keys and faxes!!

Anyway this job of putting the lights on the Christmas tree always falls to the male of the house (and the putting away of them - may account for the tangles!!!!) and after much sweat, a few expletives during a 2 hour period and getting into an even bigger mess - which now lives in the garbage bin - we are now the proud owners of 150coloured flashing lights.

Stay tuned for next year's Christmas tree light report!!!!!
Santa came early to my house as you can see by the photo below.

I just mentioned to dh a couple of weeks ago that my current sewing machine is not performing as well as it should be and I will just start having a "look see" what is around. I do not need to buy one just yet but will have a look to see what is available and how much they are.

Whilst driving between A and B we happened to pass the local sewing centre and I asked dh to stop the car while I just had a quick look. It must have been my lucky day as Janome were having a Christmas special apparently usually $1,200 down to $599 complete with sewing table, walking and 1/4" foot and $20 cashback.

Well want could I do but order one. The whole process took 10 minutes from walking in the door, having a demo and departing with my deposit.

Well I have had a steep learning curve over the last week. Everything is completely different from my old Elna but I love it even though I am still reaching around the back to lift the lever and going to the side to reverse. Old habits die hard!!

Must go and have a play with my new toy.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am not long home from a lovely day meeting up with two ladies from the Craft forum of which I have been a member of for the last few years.

Ronnie has been travelling around in her caravan with her "girls" - two lovely poodles. She left Victoria several months ago and hopes to be back home just before Christmas and has been calling in to catch up with as many of the forum members as her travels have permitted and today was one the days she was in Sydney.

Jo the other member of the forum kindly offered Ronnie a bed at her house for the last two nights and we all meet up in the City today.

As you can see by the photo below we found our way into the Botanical gardens for morning tea.

On our way back to the Rocks we wandered through the Gardens via Government House where a kind person offered to take a photo of the 3 of us together. Little did he know that he would have 3 cameras thrust at him! Poor man he did not complain.

Jo on the left, me in the middle and Ronnie on the right.

Ronnie leaves Sydney tomorrow on her way South to meet up Gail and hopefully other members of the forum.

Safe travelling Ronnie and enjoy the rest of your journey.