Monday, November 30, 2020

OPAM and WOOFA Challenge

A big thank you to Kris from Tag Along Teddies who keeps us moving along each month to the finish line.  There were three finishes this month  for me which can be seen below.

And to Cheryll from Stitching Cubbyhole for motiviating us to make progress - big or small - on our outstanding projects. 

For my WOOFA challenge I got as far as sewing up a pile of blue 2 1/2" squares into fabric slabs.  

Back into the sewing room to put the binding on my item for the Christmas blog hop which starts this week and also make a start on sewing up childrens' aprons.    I did a further dive into my stash and found some fabric which will be suitable for little "master" chefs.   I have been asked if we have any aprons suitable for boys so I will be able to say yes.  

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Saturday, November 28, 2020


After a successful morning at the shops which saw me get one or two gifts ticked off my Christmas list for those difficult to buy for people I took myself off to the sewing room and finished off sewing up  2 1/2" squares of blue fabric into slabs for the next fabric basket.

As you can see I also had a play with some pink fabrics for the next basket.   Putting those squares aside  a start was made on finding suitable fabrics to make some childrens' aprons for the first hospital auxiliary stall which we have now been able to hold since the beginning of the year.      

These aprons are  a very popular item and sell out quickly.    I had better get a wriggle on and get them made as we have 2 stalls back to back next weekend and another one on the following week.  I could have made a start on them at some point during the year but with COVID and the uncertainty of the future of our stalls I held off.  

Thanks Wendy for having us all "around" again.   Time to head on over here to see what others got up to last night.

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 Happy sewing all

Friday, November 20, 2020

A finish

Over the past week I have been working on my pineapple blossom tablerunner and am pleased to say that it is finished.     The frixon pen and iron were certainly given a workout while trying to decide on how to quilt it.     It is bright and vibrant so hence it has been called "A Study in Colour".

All of the batik fabrics had been given to me.   The black as well as the backing fabric have been in my stash for sometime so a no cost runner.     Got to be happy with that.  

This was my nominated OMG for November.     Thank you Patty for giving us the opportunity to share our finishes.      

Before ending  I would like to share with you what I saw outside the community hall last week where my large quilting group meet once a month.

On closer inspection when mum hopped off the nest there were 13 eggs she was sitting on.  Some of the eggs  have hatched and you can see a few yellow ducklings snuggling in.  

Poor little things.  I hope that they survive but mum has picked a busy, noisy, exposed spot to set up her nest.  

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Thursday, November 12, 2020

This Week in the Sewing Room

Saw the pineapple blossom tablerunner moving towards the finish line.   So far the blocks are sewn together, sandwiched and pinned ready for quilting. 

I have changed my mind a couple of times as to how to quilt this one.  It is now spread out on my once tidy couch waiting for a decision to be made.

A couple of months ago a member of the local a hosptial auxiliary that I belong to invited me to join her very small quilting group.    There are only three of them and they have been meeting together once a week for 10 years.  They all fell in love with the pineapple blossom block when I showed them so it was decided that we would each make a tabletopper using Christmas fabrics.   There is a limit of 5 fabrics only to be used.    These are my chosen fabrics.

I did finish off what I call a "no fuss" Christmas tree.   It now resides with my parents and will be their easy "put up pull down" Christmas tree.

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Saturday, November 7, 2020


Another first Friday of the month turned up again which meant it was time to join Cheryll and many others in a fun night of sewing and crafting.     My purple fabric basket is now completed.

For the green and yellow basket I put bias binding around the top but  changed it for this one.   Looking at the photo I think that some top stitching is needed to be done to give it a finished look.    That will be my first job when next in the sewing room.  

And a start was made on cutting up blue squares for the next fabric basket.  

Slow progress is happening on the pineapple blossom blocks as I keep getting distracted by other things in the sewing room.

As I have joined Carol in her annual Virtual Cookie Exchange and Christmas blog hop I had better put my thinking cap on and put some Christmas fabric under the needle.  Thinking thinking. 

Thanks Cheryll for organising us again with another productive FNwF.  Time to head on over  here and see what was being created in other households last night.  

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Happy sewing all

Sunday, November 1, 2020

OMG for November

Time to have a play around with that pile of  8 1/2" batik squares that I was given last month.   There is not enough to make anything big so a tablerunner it will be.    Having spent ages on Pinterest looking for ideas a decision was made to go with the pineapple blossom block.   

A few different colours were auditioned for the centre block and the radiating corners but black seemed to be the one to stand out from the others.  I have quite a lot of plain black in my stash to use up.  

My goal for this month will be to make a new tablerunner.   

We have hit the storm season again and true to form out goes the power again yesterday.   More storms are forecast for the next few days so I will make a start on some gardening while the ground is soft and the weeds offer no resistance  when pulled out.   Once that has been taken care of time to head off to the sewing room to cut and sew more pineapple blocks - hopefully we will not lose power again.    

Now that a lot of restrictions have been eased off due to COVID it is nice to be able to catch up with friends again to enjoy a meal together at a restaurant.       Hubs and I were very good during the week and opted for the healthy option when ordering.   I went with the Vietnamese chicken salad

And hubs the chicken ceasar salad

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Happy sewing all