Monday, October 25, 2021

October OMG

At the beginning of the month my aim was to complete 3 items.   Number one being to make 3 mini podlets.  Achieved.    All that needs to be done is fill them with spools of thread, a few chocolates and wrap them.  These are going to be Christmas presents for the other members of the small quilting group that I meet up with each week.  

 Number 2 on the list was to complete 3 baby capsule/pram covers.   Achieved.

And the third was to complete a couple of beanies that needed sewing up and pom poms added.  Achieved.

I am very happy that all the above was meet as well as my marathon sewing week of clothes for Miss M as reported in my previous post.    My machines now need a good clean and change of needles ready for the next round of??????

Thanks Patty for organising OMG again.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Overlocker and sewing machine......

Have been very busy this past week finishing off a few items of clothing for Miss M.    I did have some of the clothes ready for fitting her last week when we finally met face to face but it has been an all out effort to get them finished off during the week as she is staying with us over the weekend before heading back into the classroom on Monday after being homeschooled since June and I wanted to hand them over because who knows........if we have to go back into lockdown - hopefully not -  and I wanted her to have the clothes rather than them sitting here for who knows how long.     

First up two  pairs of shorts

A sundress

A twirly skirt

A party dress

Us girls had a morning shopping at the local mall followed by a swim in the outside pool.

Tomorrow afternoon she is going home and hopefully will return again during the Christmas holidays.  

This coming week is all about finishing off a few items that were my OMG for October.   Time to head off and organise some dinner for a hungry 8 year old.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Friday, October 15, 2021

Let me in and FNSI

After my hands and eyes had been denied the pleasure of the physical experience of shopping for the past 15 weeks I wasted no time in heading to the shops once they opened their doors again on Monday.  First stop was the fabric shop.  

While the shop was closed they took the opportunity to re-style it and what an improvement.   I felt I was rather restrained and purchased a few pretty pieces of fabric to make some summer clothes for Miss M as well as stocking up on several spools of thread, soft flannelette for backings on bibs and more capsule covers and of course one or three or more???? pieces of quilting fabric as well as a bolt of wadding.    How could I resist with all these specials around me.    

Next stop was the hairdresser.  All gowned up and waiting for the scissors to do their magic.  

Sadly curl ended up on the floor and is no more.   My head feels so much lighter.

My knitting group resumed this week so time to gather up those beanies that were knitted during lockdown.    13 were completed and the 14th one is still on the needles.    They are being donated to the Far West Childrens Home and a local women's refuge. 

Next book in the pile to read.

This morning I was able to meet up again with a few friends for coffee and on my return home an early  start was made on FNSI.   First up was to cut out some of the fabrics purchased the other day.

And then put them through the overlocker. 

Another baby capsule/pram cover was bound.   

Tomorrow hubs and I are going to visit Miss M and her parents.    It will be so nice to actually see them in the flesh again rather than via a screen.   I will take the half constructed clothes with me to fit Miss M and hopefully finish them off during the week.   
Thanks Wendy for organising FNSI.

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Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Friday, October 8, 2021

3 More Sleeps to Go and....

Hopefully this will be the last week that Sydneysiders will be in lockdown.   We have not been able to live a normal life or even what resembles normality regarding access to shops, hairdressers, visiting family and friends, eating in restaurants and other everyday activities that we took for granted in the past since the 26th June - more than 100 days. 

Now that the target has been reached of 70% of the NSW population being double vaccinated things are going to start opening up on Monday 11th October with some restrictions still in place ie limits to the number of people inside venues, mask wearing and checking in with QR codes.    A small price to pay to be able to start living again. 

During the week I started a new book

Made a batch of pikelets

Went for my first swim of the season.  I did fully submerge after taking the selfie.  

Put the binding on one of the baby capsule covers.

Miss M celebrated her 8th birthday today.   Sadly no party this year but we did a "screen party".

I have been busy making a list of all the things that are needed and wanted to buy when the shops re-open.   

It is written on both sides of the paper and hubs has been warned that I will be missing for a few days while catching up on lost retail therapy time.     I know that you can shop on line and do so for my groceries but for all other items my eyes enjoy the pleasure of the experience.   

Time to head off and unload the washing machine that is beeping in the background.

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Happy sewing all


My hairdresser has just phoned and I have an appointment to see her on Monday.    I am over the moon.   

Saturday, October 2, 2021


All my life I have had straighter than straight hair despite all the efforts of my mother when I was a baby of applying CurlyPet to encourage curls to appear and me eating up all my crusts  as a small child those elusive curls never did happen but behold about 6 weeks ago a miracle happened - a curl has appeared.

Could it be  all that lotion  applied by mum and those eaten crusts have finally paid off after 60+ years, or is it the fact that I have not had my hair cut since early June or is it a side effect of the "jab".    If that is the case then will a second curl appear within the next week or so as I had my second jab during the week.   Watch this space.    

Last night it was FNWF and I did have a plan or two but only got as far as sandwiching and pinning another baby capsule/pram cover.  It now sits on the sewing table ready for quilting.    Don't forget to go over to Cheryll's blog to see what other the crafters who joined in achieved last night.  

When on my walk yesterday I came across these beauties in the garden.

Time to head off and start the day which looks to be another stunner.    I did notice yesterday that the cover has been taken off the outdoor swimming pool  - in accordance with NSW Health regulations outdoor pools can now be used again - and I did put my hand in to feel the temperature which felt quite pleasant.    I am tempted to try it out very soon if this warmer weather stays with us.   

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Friday, October 1, 2021

October OMG(s)

Another month has come around again and I know that it is time to be  thinking about getting ready for Christmas but with all the uncertainty around us with COVID and having had our Christmas cancelled last year I cannot get my mind into gear as well as it should be however a start is going to be made using these fabrics and turn them into mini podlets as Christmas presents for the other three members of my Tuesday quilt group.   The plan is to pop in a couple of reels of thread as well as a few chocolates for them to enjoy.  

Making these will be my OMG for October.   

I also need to sew up  a couple of beanies and add their pom poms.

As well as try and finish off three capsule/pram covers that are in various stages of construction.     

My aim is to try and get all of the above ticked off the "to do list" by the end of the month.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all