Monday, March 5, 2012

Whats been happening.....

After many days of heavy rain and flooding throughout NSW yesterday was one of those gorgeous days that you just had to get out and enjoy the sunshine so we decided that a drive to Ettalong would be an enjoyable way to spend the day. From our house to the F3 we drive through many lovely suburbs and the street below is one of my favourite areas. The canopy of trees with the sun shining through makes for a lovely photo shot. Pity about the traffic.
About an hour and a half after setting off we arrived at Ettalong and made our way to the Memorial Club which is attached to the Mantra Hotel. Finding ourselves a seat in the outdoor eating area was definitely the right choice to enjoy the lovely view and day. After lunch we took ourselves off for a walk along the waterfront to make room for coffee and dessert.
A friend of mine has just returned from Canada and she kindly bought us back a bottle of genuine maple syrup which obviously called for a batch of pancakes to be made with yogurt, fresh berries and drizzled with maple syrup - we certainly enjoyed breakfast that day.
Some sewing has been done in between all this eating. DH has found his" man bag" invaluable and requested a mini version hence the bag below.
The table topper below was made for mum as part of her birthday present. She loves chickens and roosters - I had bought sometime ago the red chicken wire fabric which I thought was a perfect surround to keep them all in!
Happy sewing all until next time