Friday, September 25, 2015

End of the line....

For the mystery train ride.     The final clue for the tablerunner came in over last weekend and I am thrilled with the reveal.  I learnt that I have to be more adventurous when choosing colours and fabrics.    Some of the combinations that others were using I would never have picked yet when made up they look fabulous.   Anyway here is my runner - I still need to quilt and bind it which I hope to get to during next week.

 I am undecided as to whether I should use the grey or black fabric for my binding.   I have the runner spread out on a table with grey on one side and black on the other but still cannot decide as I like both.    Sometimes I feel the black is too heavy and others I feel that the grey is a bit too "wishy washy".   All suggestions gratefully received.

I also had time to make up the in-between season pj's for bub as well as the summer nightie.  

I am about half way with the little red and blue bunny dress and hopefully I can make tonight an "unofficial" FNSI for me and get it finished off.    In the meantime

Happy sewing all

Friday, September 18, 2015


I was able to make an early start on my FNSI this month.    I whizzed through the dusting this morning, drove to the fruit market and had a lot of other bits and pieces done well before lunch so that I could make a start as I had a few projects that needed to be either started or  finished off and I am very pleased with what I achieved.  I am posting my efforts early due to a busy weekend coming up.

Firstly it was out with the patterns and fabric to cut out a dress for bub - I fell in love with the pretty rabbit fabric when I saw it.    Next item to be cut out was a pretty summer nightie and some in-between season pj's for bub as well.  I hope to find sometime to sew them up during the week.

Then I needed to put the finishing touch to next months Sunbonnet Sue which I have named "Celebration Sue" seeing that bub's birthday is in October.    I thought the theme would be all things birthday - cupcakes, balloons, streamers and coloured sprinkles.

Next finish was a fun sun hat for bub.

Thanks again Wendy for hosting another fun night or in my case fun day.    If you would like to see what everyone else who took part in FNSI got up just pop over here and feast your eyes.

Just before I go I would like to share my lovely azalea bushes with you all.   Spring time is my favourite time in the garden.

I am waiting very patiently for the third clue of the mystery train ride to be revealed this weekend.   I think that this is the last one and I am looking forward to seeing how my runner ends up and the in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Clue Number Two

Was revealed over the weekend.    Take Fabric B - which in my case is the grey - and Fabric C - the black - and make another 12 HST's.   Here they are all sewn, ironed and trimmed to 4 1/2".

I had a little spare time so I thought that I would have a  play with my 24 HSTs to see what I could come up with.   Could it be this way or that way or something completely different.

 Next clue will be revealed over the weekend so in the meantime

Happy sewing all

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mystery Quilt Train Ride

I am a member of an  on-line quilting forum and decided to join the other quilters on a mystery quilt train ride.   This "journey" has only just really begun and each week we are given a set of clues to work with.   The first week was deciding on three fabrics.      I found this quite a stressful process especially as I do not know what the end result will be.     We have the choice of making a tabletopper,  table runner - which is what I am making - or a quilt.    The clues will be the same for all three items just the amount of fabric will be different.  

I spent quite a few hours  auditioning several fabrics and finally narrowed  my choice down to the three fabrics below.

The second clue was make 12 HST's using fabric A & B.   Here are my HST's sewn, ironed and trimmed to 4 1/2" square.

Now all that I have to do is wait until Saturday - or in my case Sunday seeing that I am in the Land of Oz and the Board is in the USA - for the next clue.  Putting together what I have made so far is well short of a 45" runner so there appears to be a lot more blocks to be made.

Back soon with the next part of the mystery and in the meantime

Happy sewing all