Friday, September 25, 2015

End of the line....

For the mystery train ride.     The final clue for the tablerunner came in over last weekend and I am thrilled with the reveal.  I learnt that I have to be more adventurous when choosing colours and fabrics.    Some of the combinations that others were using I would never have picked yet when made up they look fabulous.   Anyway here is my runner - I still need to quilt and bind it which I hope to get to during next week.

 I am undecided as to whether I should use the grey or black fabric for my binding.   I have the runner spread out on a table with grey on one side and black on the other but still cannot decide as I like both.    Sometimes I feel the black is too heavy and others I feel that the grey is a bit too "wishy washy".   All suggestions gratefully received.

I also had time to make up the in-between season pj's for bub as well as the summer nightie.  

I am about half way with the little red and blue bunny dress and hopefully I can make tonight an "unofficial" FNSI for me and get it finished off.    In the meantime

Happy sewing all


retdairyqueen said...

The runner looks great I think black would be nice but if you are not happy why not just use the border colour
Look forward to seeing what you do and I like your colours Look fine to me

Shirlwin said...

The runner has turned out lovely! I'm not sure which colour I would pick for a border but think I would put both alongside and look at the result over a couple of days ... by then you will know. Pretty nightwear!

Ondrea said...

Loooove that runner. I think black binding would look really good . Cute dresses.