Sunday, February 15, 2009

I love fabric of all sorts and can be easily entertained by just walking around fabric shops however each time I am indulging in my entertainment pieces just start to wave to me and say here I am just what you have been looking for. As was the case with these cute chickens and their knitting needles. Now this had to be bought for my DIL who until about 18 months ago had not knitted and now she cannot put her needles down. Just what we needed in the family another "addict". I have my stash of fabric, hubby his CDs and books, DS with his DVD's, comics and other collectables and now wool and needles. I suppose it could be worse!!!!!!!!

Anyway these chickens just had to be made up into a knitting roll of which I did not have a pattern for but by "googling" in knitting roll I found what I thought would be a suitable pattern with various size spaces for needles of varying lengths, circular needles and a tape measure.


Tozz said...

I love the chickens and you made up the holder really well. I am sure it will be appreciated.

Linda Moore said...

It is very much appreciated, I think it's absolutely fantastic!

Aforementioned DIL.

Debs said...

What a clever idea. The chickens are great.