Wednesday, August 15, 2018

At a standstill

During the week there was time to finish off putting the borders on the  remaining little checkerboard blocks.    

I had a little play around  placing the blocks this way or that way but whichever way I went there are not enough blocks to make a lap quilt but too many to make a tablerunner  so while I contemplate  what my next move will be with this project I moved onto another item.

Miss M saw this  fabric in my stash and requested a pink twirly dress for her up and coming 5th birthday in October.

It has now been washed, ironed and waiting to be cut out.    Even though there is still 7 weeks until her birthday I want to have it ready in time as I have learnt to expect the unexpected and do what can be done without leaving it to the last minute.

Thank you to all those who sent hubs best wishes for a speedy recovery from his recent illness.     All is progressing well with his foot and he is now down to attending the hospital twice weekly for re-dressing.  

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

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Bethan said...

Is there enough for a table top cover? Sort of like a table cloth but not overhanging? Or do you have material in your stash to make a border to make them big enough for a lap quilt? x