Sunday, March 29, 2009

During the week I decided that this weekend would be "an at home" weekend to catch up on a few things that needed to be done like baking a couple of batches of cookies, sewing, planting some herbs and just enjoying our local area. All of which I am pleased to say happened!!

It is not often that I take my camera to the beach but seeing as it was such a glorious morning and lowtide off I set. Not only did I get some lovely photos of the sunrise but I was also lucky to catch a pod of dolphins playing just off shore.

A hopeful pelican waiting patiently for breakfast from a fisherman

Sun shining through clouds just on the horizen

If you look to the middle of the screen just behind the line of breakers you can see three dolphin dorsel fins just out of the water. I counted aproximately 12 or so dolphins gracefully swimming along and playing for quite sometime.

Lucky for me the tide was very low today and I was able to walk around the headland to the next beach and found this cave.

My footprints in the sand and ripples in the water

We are lucky enough to live in an area where we have wetlands virtually at our front door. This is a favourite walk of ours especially either early in the morning or just on dusk.

After giving the garden a hose the other day I noticed this spider web. I reminded me of the delicate crocheting that a great aunt of mine did many years ago.

This maidenhair fern is my pride and joy. I have learnt over many years and much expense that there is no such thing as an indoor plant. I have a few maidenhair ferns that I alternate - I give them a week in and then a week or two out in a part of the garden that has filtered sunlight but able to benefit from any rain. The other ferns are pretty but this one I am very proud of.

Today is National Neighbours Day and our lovely neighbour next door has invited us in for "drinks and nibbles" around 6 tonight. So all in all I have had a great weekend and hope you all have to.


Kimba4 said...

Love your photos Karen

Lucky-1 said...

Karen those photos are just stunning.

Unknown said...

Fabulous photos , what a great way to start the day .
clares craftroom

Linda Moore said...

Love the dolphins, what a special sight!