Friday, May 7, 2010

Starry Starry Night

I seem to have been working on this quilt for quite sometime and I was hoping to have it finished for Mothers Day as a gift for mum which I achieved as I did the last of the "tidying up" at 9.30 last night and I must say that I am pleased with the way it has turned out. I was having doubts about it along the way as I was working on it from a picture I saw and only knew that it was made using 5" squares.

I like the way the stars seem to "pop out". The quilt appears to have a three dimensional effect.

And for those who are interested here is a piccie of the flipside

I have taken the last week off work and whilst out and about I took the opportunity to do a bit more stash building as can be seen below.

I am toying up with doing another quilt the same as the one above only this time using batik fabrics. I will have to do more thinking and magazine research on this before making my final decision. Then again I really enjoyed doing the "tube" method. Decisions, decisions.


Vicki said...

Wow...I love your quilt. It is stunning and very effective. You have done a beautiful job Karen :)

Shirlwin said...

Karen, its just what I consider Mother's colours ... it is lovely. And thank you for showing the back; so often we don't see the back, leaving me wondering exactly what it does look like. Your Mother will be so thrilled!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Karen, that is a lovely quilt. Wow, is your Mother going to be so surprised and happy! well done! :-)

Jo said...

Congratulations Karen it is a beautiful quilt. I love the way the stars pop out but the squares seem to float too.