Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thunder and lightning and

What started out as a lovely sunny morning with a line full of washing swinging around in the wind suddenly changed to banks of large black clouds chasing the sun away, a mad dash to grab the washing off the line and a sudden clap of thunder followed by hail lots of hail

I am glad I closed the glass door on my sewing room as I dashed between the raindrops to grab the camera. Could have been a very wet mess to return to.

This picture was taken from our bedroom window looking out to the road

Not sure who owns the car out the front..I am only glad it was not there could be quite a bit of hail damage. Mother Nature doing her work again.


Shirlwin said...

Brrrrr, it looks cold.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Karen, like you, I couldn't believe how quickly that storm came and went!!!! I am so pleased we didn't get any hail here! By the time DH came home from watching the footy at the club, the sun was out shining brightly again. I think we had 4 seasons sin one day???