Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mum's oldest friend

I would like to introduce you all to mum's oldest friend. They have known each other since mid 1951 and have spent many hours together "singing" along and enjoying each other's company.

This was the sewing machine that I learnt to sew on when I was about 8 years old and used up to when I got married in 1973. Mum made all my clothes - including my wedding dress, some of my brothers clothes and still makes all her own clothes today using her "faithful" friend. She would not trade her for all the tea in China.

The only maintenance needed is the occasional drop of oil and dad replaces the belt from time to time and she is ready to go again. I would love to know just how far these two have treadled over the last 59 years. I always think that sewing machines should be able to register just how far is sewn on them like a car is driven. I am sure there would be some interesting figures out there in sewing land.

They certainly do not make machines as sturdy as this one as I am onto my third machine which this one still "hums" away and even though it has no fancy stitches it does a nice even stitch and never "skips".

Happy sewing "girls".


Unknown said...

Karen she is just beautiful !

Quiltin' Sandy said...

An absolute beauty, Karen.

RobynLouise said...

Beautiful wedding dresses and those little girls are soooo cute. The females in the wedding party, wearing lemon and white,looked like lovely roses, amongst all that greenery :).

Shirlwin said...

Such a wonderful old friend! I learned to sew on a similar machine, though perhaps a little older. Those machines were real workhorses! The clothes we made ... wish I had kept a list of them all plus a piece of fabric.
May your Mum and her friend have many long lovely years together:)