Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our craft forum blog hop weekend

Thank you for joining Our Craft Forum’s blog hop. So what is “Our Craft Forum” a craft forum for like minded people who love crafts. Mostly patchwork, stitching, quilting and the like. It’s a safe place to make new friends who share a love of craft & to have some fun and a little bit of laughter along the way & to join in on swaps of all types.

This week end is designed to tell our blogging friends about our wonderful forum and to invite you to be a part of our forum.

Several of our members will be offering tutorials, giveaways and some tips of the trade.

The blog hop starts at miss~nances blog so if you want to join us on the whole journey please go to and follow the links at the bottom of each post to find the next blog along the way.

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So join in on the fun and maybe find a new forum, new blog and new friends along the way. You never now you may even learn something new or win a great prize. Entries close at MIDNIGHT EDST (Sydney time) Sunday 27 February.

Thank you for calling by my blog and I would like to share with you a quick and accurate way to cut out the octagon shape as used in the tabletopper in my post below.

I used a sheet of newspaper - because it was big enough - and used a pizza baking tray to get the size that I wanted. Trace around the outside of the tray and cut so you have a circle as shown below

Secondly fold the circle in half so you have what it looks like

And then fold that half circle in half again so that you end up with what looks like a wedge of pie.

Take your ruler and pen and draw a line from the narrowest point out to the curved edge then draw a line from the outside edges into the centre line as shown in the photo below

Now take your scissors and cut along the line across the top so you end up with the curves as straight lines as shown below - it now looks like a kite.

Now open up the paper and you should have the perfect octagon. You can vary the size of the octagon by using a smaller or larger plate to draw around.

I hope you found this tutorial useful and if you make a tabletopper I would love to know.

Now for the next blog on this tour please hop over to enjoy the rest of your journey. I look forward to catching up with you all on our craft forum.



Vicki ♥ said...

I get to comment first Karen :) Great to see you in the blog hop and your blog is always a fabulous place to visit :) Hugs Vicki

Jodi said...

What a clever solution - that is twice that I have seen that on a blog and I had never seen it before. So strange. Will have to try it and that will make 3.

Terri's Place said...

Great that you're up and running ... or should I say hopping, Karen. I always enjoy your blog and thats a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Karen, thank you for the great tutorial. In fact I am thinking of using it in a project quite soon! Hugs from Sandy.

Teresa F. said...

Hi, Karen I'm glad you solved the problem.Thank you for the great tutorial. Now it seems so easy... I've joined the forum and I'm having a fabulous time blog hopping.

suzie said...

Great idea Karen. Nice place to visit.

miss~nance said...

Gtreat tut Karen, tY I wil give it a go next time I need to make a table centre, a hexy would look great.

Hugs & Blessings

Anonymous said...

Very interesting!!! I amy use that technique on something I have in mind for a pay it forward gift
Cheer Geniene

Karen said...

I love your tutorial - I must try this! Thank you. I joined the forum, it's great and I am enjoying the blog hop. Have a great day.

Gill said...

What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that???
Thanks for the blog hop - I'm enjoying discovering new blogs!

barb's creations said...

Hope my comment works this time.Just wanted to say I loved your tutorial,very easy to follow and understand :) Barb.

Michell said...

Great tutorial and I love the table topper in your other post

Carol said...

Hi Karen,
Thankyou for the tutorial - it will be very handy! Your table topper looks great! Enjoying the blog hopping!

mattimay said...

I'm a maths geek so I think that's really cool.
You can do hexagons the same sort of way.
Start with a circle and get yourself a pair of compasses. Place the compass point in the centre of the circle and the pencil on the outside edge (alternatively you can draw the circle with the compass and then you don't have to fiddle with finding the centre later :) ).
Once you have this distance place the compass point on the edge of the circle and the pencil on the edge of the circle too (without changing the distance) and mark where the pencil touches the circle edge - you'll find you can touch two points on the circle edge.
Now place the compass point on one of these marks and repeat the edge touching/marking procedure.
You'll find at the end you have 6 points marked around the edge of the circle. Join each mark to the one next to it an wallah - perfect hexagon :)

(The explanation would be so much easier with pictures)

Kristy said...

Love your tutorial! You have saved me days in trying to figure out how to do that. I have a table mat pattern that would look great in that shape.

Dawn said...

Hi what a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I am off to the next blog, happy hopping.

Jude said...

Thankyou for showing us the easy way to get an accurate hexie, it will come in very usefull.

Laurie in Maine said...

Back where I started :) your was the blog that reminded me about the blog hop this morning. Playing catch up and enjoying all the stops!

Wendyb said...

what a great idea......I can even use this in the classroom!!!!!! A multi purpose tutorial!!!! thanks so's wonderful!
(but I would much prefer to use it with my quilting!!!!! LOL)
sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Margarita said...

Thank you for the little Tutorial Karen, I am going to try that very shortly, it looks a lot less complicated than what I was preposing to do.