Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mountain mizzle

Hubby and I decided that we would beat the long weekend rush and bustle and have our long weekend a week before everyone else.    I had a day owing to me from work so we decided to treat ourselves to a couple of days at the mountains.   Now if you know the mountains the weather can be foggy one day and brilliant skies the next and last weekend was no exception to the rule. 

What did you say that I could see from this lookout.     Hmmm well not today!   

I am glad to say that we were luckier than these pigeons and did not have to spend the night huddling up to the building. 

We opted for something a little more luxurious and booked into the Fairmont at Leura.   As you can see the fog did not lift all day but it did not stop us from wandering around the lovely grounds and enjoying the amenities.    We decided give the outside pool a miss but did spend sometime in the indoor heated spa - a lovely 36 degrees.  

Now I did say that the weather can be very changeable. We woke the next day to clear skies and a brisk walk before breakfast.

Now this is what hubby calls a "man's breakfast" .

A trip to the mountains is not complete without a visit to the chocolate shop - a must to sit by the open fire and sip a mug of hot chocolate as well as purchase a couple of goodies to bring home.

One of the many streams which can be found throughout the mountains.  

I have been to the mountains many times over many years but never fail to enjoy the lovely scenery on each visit.   I look forward to when I return again.


Ondrea said...

Those photos are so inviting! You had a fantastic time by the looks of it.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Gorgeous pics Karen. That brekky looks ymmo- I don't think DH could manage it but I would give it a go! :D

Gloria said...

Beautiful pics Karen!

Liz said...

have not been there since I was at school. Always looks nice.The colors are amazing. Breakfast looks great.

Shirlwin said...

Lovely autumn colours Karen! Sometimes visiting a place when it rains [or is foggy] gives that added atmosphere:) Mmmm tomato sauce on the scrummy breakfast?