Sunday, September 23, 2012

My recent holiday

I have recently returned to work after having 2 weeks off.  I try to take sometime off during September as I always  think that it is one of the nicest months of the year - coming out of winter, longer warmer days and blossoms abound.  Hubby and I did a variety of outings during that time.  The  first day we headed off into the city to see the DJ's annual flower show and as always it is a real treat as you can see from the photos below.   This year the theme was "Fleuresence"


A walk across the road and we found ourselves in Hyde Park heading towards St Mary's Cathedral.

The next day we stayed "local" and headed up the peninsula to Newport Arms which is situated on the Pittwater side of Newport.    What better place than to drink in the view and eat our lunch.

It was time for a short break so we headed up to our favourite destination - Leura  for a few days.   Our "digs" can be seen below

Next morning we were up bright and early and headed off to Echo Point.  The photo below is of me with my "three sisters" behind me (the name of the mountains to the left of the photo.)

One of the many lovely mountain walks

And cool mountain streams

And of course the gorgeous cherry blossoms

 We decided on our way home to do the "round trip" and came back via Mt Tomah - one of our State's botanical gardens.    Here we saw fields of daffodils

Chocolate coloured plants  and proteas

On a clear day you can see over 150 kms but on that day there had been hazard reduction burn offs so the air was not clear.

Home for a few days did see some sewing done.  I have a growing collection of fq's and leftovers (bigger pieces than scraps from other projects) so I played around with them and came up with the following.     I like the secondary pattern of the diamonds in this quilt.

Well it is back to work for me.  I had a lovely break and some equally lovely memories.


Quiltin' Sandy said...

WOW Karen you did well with your time off and the pictures are so lovely too. We ended up at Echo Point a few years ago, and I went on the train and the skyrail- really surprised myself as I am a piker but it was fab! :)

Domac said...

Great holiday pics - and Ilove your quilt - done a great job. Take care. Donna from Brisbane,

Shirlwin said...

You made the most of your holiday with some beautiful photos. Gorgeous quilt Karen!

Ondrea said...

You are a very good photographer Karen. Love all those pics. Found them quite relaxing. I also looove that quilt. Clever gal you.

secondhandrose said...

Fantastic photos. Looks like you had a lovely time.
Love your quilt too.

Gloria said...

Beautful photos Karen. Lovely quilt too.

Margarita said...

Lovely photos Karen, and I love your birthday gift from your friend too, I know it is a previous post, but My computer is so slow today, it is even lagging as I type.