Monday, August 5, 2013

Bandicoots for sale

If you are unlucky enough to have bandicoots in your garden you will understand what I mean.     There is nothing cute about a bandicoot.     They dig DEEP  holes in the lawn and leave ticks.    We have been plagued by these critters for many years - each morning  we wake to find holes like these

So it is a daily ritual to grab the rake and broom to fill the holes back in before one of us falls into them and twists an ankle or worse.   If they keep this up they may "hit" oil one day.    Perhaps we need to invest in a guard dog.  

Are you unlucky to have such nightly visitors as we are?  


Shirlwin said...

or a gun?

secondhandrose said...

Wow I never knew bandicoots were pests. sorry you have to deal with them. so far my unit has been pest free apart from a couple of mice I knocked off last year.