Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The house fairy

For years I have been wondering why my reading glasses are never in the place where I leave them, keys are missing, electrical appliances are unplugged and many other items have either gone missing or been moved now  this mystery has been solved.    When I was reaching down to pick up a book that I am sure that I did not drop something caught my eye hiding  around the bottom of the table.   I have heard that every house has a fairy and I think that I got a naughty one.      

Backing away very quietly in order not to upset her I walked out into my garden and there she was kneeling down  still sipping her tea.     Now this explains a lot - the reason why my garden tools get moved around the garden when I turn my back and some pots have been upended on the odd occasion.

Fortunately for me she has never found her way into my sewing room....or has she????????

I am off to see if she has done any sewing overnight or caused havoc.

Back soon and in the meantime happy sewing.


Liz said...

I think I may have a ring(?) of fairies. I am forever losing things. LOL . Wishing you and your husband and family a very happy new year. Lots of sewing and reading and all the other interesting things you get up to

Ondrea said...

Oh my! She is rather mischevious. Fairies enjoy a bit of miischief now and then. I do hope she has helped do some stitching. Have a wonderful new year.