Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Don't forget your toothbrush.......

Is what grandma and grandpa said to me when I was coming over to stay at their house for the night so mummy and daddy could go out to a nice restaurant for dinner and have a sleep in the next morning.

So mummy and I packed my bag and the first thing I put in was my toothbrush
And my swimmers because it was a very hot weekend so I could play in my wader

I helped grandma with some cleaning

Then it was time to sit up in my big girl chair and have afternoon tea
And then some quiet reading time
Next morning we went around to the Lake to feed the ducks - well grandpa did because I wanted to eat the bread.
We also saw some ducklings and grandma told me to be very careful as they are only babies and not to frighten them.

Time to come home for another cool off in my wader then do some drawing for mummy and daddy

 After lunch and a big sleep I went home to mummy and daddy.   Thank you for having me for the weekend.

P.S.    Grandma says that mummy and daddy had a lovely night out with a "little sleep in" the next morning as well as achieving lots of jobs around the house that they needed to get done.

Grandma and grandpa slept very well on Sunday night.

Grandma did not get any sewing done while I was staying with them but she said she hopes to get some done very soon and in the meantime happy sewing all.


Anonymous said...

lol Hi Karen i love this post and she sure is a sweetie xx

Yvonne W said...

What a lucky grandchild to be spoilt my Grandma and Grandpa. Also lucky mum and dad to have a weekend free. I hope that you have recovered.

Liz said...

What a big adventure for a little girl. Sounds like funfair all.