Monday, June 8, 2015

A quick quilt.....

Was needed for bub now that she is more restless of a night so it was decided to make a quilt that was big enough to tuck in all around the cot yet give her room to move without feeling like she is sleeping in a straight jacket.     Time is getting closer to converting the cot into a toddler bed so with that in mind I measured the quilt to reach from floor to floor on each side.

A rummage through my stash revealed two pieces of fabric big enough to use by just adding a couple of borders on either side in order to speed up the process and get it made over the weekend.   Two for the price of to be happy with that.   To quilt it I used a simple grid design then went back and cross hatched to create a diamond design in the middle.  

This is the front
 And on the flip side

Bub likes to spend quite a lot of time saying goodnight to the moon and stars so I hope that this does not prove to be too much of a distraction from getting her to sleep.

I am pleased to say that the zipper on the pinafore went in well and that was also a finish on the weekend.  

I made a "to do list" for the long weekend on Friday afternoon which had 5 items on it and I have knocked off 2.     Maybe I need to sew faster or make shorter lists.    After lunch I will endeavour to put the ribbing on a top for myself.

Hopefully I will be back soon with some piccies of the other three items and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

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Liz said...

Very clever of you to do the quilt that way.lovely fabric you have used. Her little pinny is so cute.