Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A trifling matter......

As I mentioned in my last post I was celebrating Christmas early this year.    Saturday was a busy day cooking the turkey and vegetables and I was aware that it was going to be a rather warm day so as well as serving the traditional plum pudding with custard for dessert   - and a cheesecake for the non pudding eaters - I decided to make something cool and refreshing.   I have to admit that I have never made trifle before so with the help of "google" a recipe was found.    It called for cream however being the cook that I am and never sticking to a recipe I substituted Greek yogurt topped with blue berries, strawberries and mango and it was absolutely delicious.

Anyway before all the eating took place on Sunday Santa had been to  our house to deliver all the presents early for a certain little lady.   Bub had spoken to him earlier in the week and told him that she would like an Octopod  and he came through with her request.    There was also a cradle for her dolly as well as a farm set and a pink tiara amongst other goodies in her stocking.   Needless to say there was one very happy little girl.

I did show a sneak peek of some fabric that I was using to make a gift which I can now show in full.    My son and daughter in law are very big Star War fans so when I saw this fabric a couple of months ago I knew  it would make up into a great cushion cover for my son.      I have since had a request for a pair of shorts for my daughter in law in the same fabric.

Santa was also very good me and and one of the items that he left was a bobbin side winder which I have been playing with this morning.   I find it very frustrating when sewing having to stop in the middle of something to wind a bobbin now I can just lean over the push a button to do the job without having to re-thread the machine.    What a great invention.

The rain is falling down here so I am heading back to my sewing room to make a few burp clothes for a friend's grandchild due next month.   Back soon with some photos and in the meantime
Happy sewing all


Raewyn said...

HI Karen, your trifle sounds delicious! Sounds like your early Christmas was fun - and it sounds like you were spot on with your fabric choice for the cushion:-)

Ondrea said...

Oh dear, I really have missed a few posts. So sorry. Love your little cutie grand daughter. She reminds me of my eldest at that age with the blonde curly hair. Christmas is so much more fun with children. Love all the things you have made and the trifle looks yummy.