Sunday, April 30, 2017

"When I am 64"

Was the title of my school reunion that was held over the weekend.     I left school in 1968 and have not seen any of my fellow classmates since so it was a case of down memory lane and reaching into the recess of my mind and those who attended the reunion to remember who we each were way back then.   The organising committee did a fantastic job on tracking us down.   There was 172 students in Form 4 as it was known then and we had just on 50 attend from far and wide.

A cake was made with the school crest and a sadly a candle with the names of those who are no longer with us was also there.     Cupcakes for each of us in the school colours of blue, white and silver sprinkles represented the grey in our uniforms.    Funnily enough none of us could fit into our old uniforms!!!

A group photo was taken of those attending the reunion as can be seen below.   We all look quite a bit different.

It was decided that we should not leave the next reunion another 49 years and hopefully we can all meet up again in 2 years time.

Back soon and in the meantime
Happy sewing all


Ondrea said...

How wonderful! I think I was in grade 6 in 1968. I only attended one reunion when I was in my 20's but never attended any more as there were still the cliques and everyone was trying to outdo each other re jobs etc. Glad you had a lovely time. Any old flames attend? Hehehe.

Maria said...

Fantastic cakes for your special reunion...
I think another one in two years is great.