Saturday, August 5, 2017

Putting in a Zip

That sentence usually strikes fear into my heart and into the heart of many others also.      When I decided to make some zippered pouches I looked at "google" and found many different ways of making them.   I did a couple and took what I considered the best way from each of them for me but putting in the zip was always the same - fiddly and difficult.   They all mentioned using a  zip longer than the intended pouch but had you cutting them down to size or even smaller and making sure that the zipper pull or head was in the middle of the bag and open.    This is where the fiddly bit happens as you are moving the pull along  upside down was you sew.     After giving this some considerable thought and thinking that there must be a better way I just happened to stumble across someone else who had the same problem and her method was a light bulb moment for me.

I will not go into the actual pouch making but just the insertion of the zip.   So here is the secret to successfully getting the zip in without any bad thoughts or words flying around your sewing room.

Make sure that the zip is longer than the intended pouch but have it closed all the way and sew in.   This is what it will look like when in from the top.    As you can see the zip pull is nowhere along the area that you are stitching

Just give a quick press and you are ready for the next step which is to top sew down both sides to keep the lining in place.

Next step is to bring the zip pull into the middle of the pouch - this is most important as you will cut off the zip pull if you do not - and sew cross the zip where it meets the ends of the fabric.     Once you have sewn across the zip at both ends you then trim off the zip to fit the pouch size.

 A close up of the stitching across the ends of the zip can be seen below.

Then proceed to finish off your pouch with a perfectly non fiddly inserted zip.   I hope the above helps anyone else who finds putting zips in purses etc difficult.

Now as you know the first Friday night of the month is always FNWF run by Cheryll at Gone Stitchin" and last night I decided to do a little knitting just for a change.    I was inspired by Cheryll last month when she showed us her pretty beanies.    Being the slow knitter that I am the thought was I could start a beanie for Miss M for next year and it may be finished in time.....LOL.     I still have a long way to go.

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retdairyqueen said...

Thanks for the zip tips They put fear into my heart too
You did a great job

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Karen, That's a nice little zipper tutorial. I love the fabric and color of zipper you've chosen for the project. They look stunning together. Have fun with your beanie! Happy knitting! Andrea

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen wow thats a great way of popping a zip in,so glad you are not scared of zips now,and well down for starting a beanie xx

Helen said...

Wow thanks for the tip on inserting zips yours looks wonderful !

Mia said...

It is a great tutorial, Karen. Enjoy your beanie, I am sure it will turn out great!!! Kisses, my friend.

Maria said...

Oh I also don't like putting zips in but this looks easy.. Will try thanks..
Lovely start to your knitting.. said...

Your zip tutorial is brilliant, there will be alot of people using that technique now. Thanks for sharing :)

Preeti said...

There are so many ways and even more tutorials for making zippered pouches. I am glad you found one that worked for you. The result is just a perfect neat little pouch :-) I agree they are like potato chips - you cannot stop at one.

Janet said...

That certainly does make putting in a zipper easier! I love the fabric that you used for the bag. So pretty!!

Bethan said...

Thanks for the great zip tips - really useful and great to follow x