Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Is the colour chosen for this month's rainbow challenge.   Into the scrap bin cupboard and all that I could pull out is here

Hmmmm now to make something small and useful from this limited yellow selection.   After sorting through my scraps I spotted a piece of  hot pink jumbo cord fabric that was begging to be cut into a pinafore for Miss M. 

Pinafores are a great item of clothing  as you can pop a short sleeved t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt underneath them, a cardigan over the top and leggings underneath for those cooler days.   

What cooler days I hear you ask!!!!!   We are now into the second month of autumn and hubs and I are still going for our morning swim.   Each day we think how many more days can we squeeze out of this swimming season.     For the past couple of weeks we have been confronted by a "wall of seaweed" which has been washed in with all the very high tides lately and has gathered at the end of the beach.

As you can see it has washed up over the path and is right throughout the beach.   Unfortunately it has attracted thousands of flies and developed a  horrible smell as it dries out.     Hopefully it will wash back out to sea soon.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Ondrea said...

Miss M will love her new outfit. Gorgeous pink. Have fun with the yellow challenge. Peew! I can smell that seaweed from here. I am only a couple of blocks from the bay and we get that beachy smell sometimes.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Woah that’s a lot of seaweed! And yes I hear you, c’mon autumn! said...

Happy stitching for Miss M. Love the pink fabric. I don't think I could find much yellow in my stash, what about a pincushion or book cover :)

Bethan said...

Have fun with your yellow! A pink pinafore sounds amazing - Miss M is very lucky! I hope you manage to squeeze in some more swims before the weather changes x