Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What is missing from this picture?????

You can see a keyboard, a mouse and a power cord plugged into nothing and a big hole where my all in one computer which had been my faithful helper for the last 7 years  sat up until 10 days ago when it started having problems.    Off to the computer hospital where they ran all sorts of tests and replaced this and that but sadly I got the phone call on Friday of last week that there was no hope of a full recovery.    So hubs and I spent Saturday computer shopping and then came the job of transferring all the files from the old computer to the new one and today we are back up and running.  I did resist updating to Windows 10 on the old computer but decided a new start with a new computer so Windows 10 it is.     I have had time to have a little play late this afternoon and my fears of updating were for nothing - so far.  

So what did I do while there was no computer to waste  spend time surfing the net on.   Fortunately I do have an Ipad so checking emails was kept up to date but for some reason the Ipad does not allow me to update my blog - obviously some setting that I have not ticked or clicked.  

I did manage to get quite a bit of sewing completed and I will be back tomorrow to update my blog further.

Happy sewing all


Anonymous said...

Good luck choosing a new computer there are so many on the market xx

ellieshomemadehome.blogspot.com said...

I hate computer shopping so I have reverted to using a tablet now and it works great for me but I do miss being able to use Word and Excel. Hope you get sorted out quickly :)