Thursday, May 30, 2019

Oh bother!!!!!!

I needed to go and buy another metal tape measure to cut up for the snap part of glasses cases and snap top bags and this time I was prepared for the tape to run back inside itself once the end was cut off  - so I thought - but no I was not quick enough to grab the end before it disappeared into the plastic casing.   Out with the screwdriver to dismantle it and now this is what I am left with.

Once that mess was sorted out time was spent going through scraps bins in anticipation of what the rainbow colour for June will be.     The choices left being pink, blue and purple so all bases are now covered once the announcement is made on Saturday.

I am now off to make some glasses cases and a couple of bibs for the hospital stall being held next week. 

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Pink Rose said...

Hi Karen you are going to be busy ,love the fabrics xx

Maria said...

Oh No what a shame you weren't quick enough before the end disappeared into the holder.. Next time you'll pop the pegs on before you cut...
Nice selection of fabrics for the next RSC.. hope to do it next year ???
you're sew nice to sewing for the stall...

Fiona said...

I have heard of tape being used for that but never done it... do you need to cover the tape at all (just wondering if the end is very sharp)…. Its a very clever idea.

It's always good to be prepared …. now you are prepared for 3 months...


Ondrea said...

Does it work out cheaper to use the tape measure? I am always scared of those because they do retract rather quickly and unexpectedly lol. Great idea and some lovely sewing projects ahead.

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