Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Pretty flowers or Rampant Weeds

Since weeding and clearing out several garden beds over the past few months I have noticed "things" popping up right throughout them that have not been planted.    So  opinions please - Are these keepers or do I start pulling them out?  

I am hoping it is the former but suspect it is the latter.  

But before anything happens with the garden while the weather is rather chilly  I am going to make a start on reading some of the books that I picked up at the local library on a recent visit.

I am not sure which will be the first as they all look interesting titles and while I have read a few books by some of the authors a couple of them are new to me.  

My WOOFA challenge for August will be to keep working on my ever increasing scrap pile.   

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


kiwikid said...

The first plant is a weed and a very fast growing one, we get it here, I don't know about the second one. Enjoy your books, you have some good ones there.

Fiona said...

I see Sue answered you... I haven't seen it before. Looks like a good pile of books. I haven't read any of those (not that I read a lot but I do like something on the go)


retdairyqueen said...

Both weeds I think
Look like good books I have read the Bark Cutters Not the others but some good authers there

jude's page said...

Not too sure about those plants, pity if they are weeds. I do have one of those books here waiting in the wings to be read. Might be a good plan for Sunday afternoon, by the fire?

Susie H said...

Way to get ahead on the Fall blog hop! "Be prepared" is a good motto, wish it was more my way of life! Ha!

dq said...

Good luck with your scrap pile. It never really ends I believe.

I have been doing audio books while I sew. Thanks for showing the books you are reading.